15 Steps To Your Horseback Adventure

It is going to be (and already has been) a memorable year and we are so excited about the upcoming Adventures that are only days away from really happening!

Here’s a question, and it does pertain!

Have you ever been sick, or had a child that was sick with congestion or a simple cold, gone to the store or market or pharmacy to get some medicine, and just STOOD there looking in awe at all the different choices?!

Well that is how, I hear tell, some of you have felt, looking at the many choices and decisions there are to make to reserve your time frame for your Alaska Horseback Adventure.

I am here to help!

There are, of course, choices to be made, but I can walk you straight through the entire process in 15 steps.

15 Steps to your Horseback Adventure

Are you an experienced rider? (That one is Yes or No. The riding you did as a kid DOES count, if you were good at it!)

The reason this one is important, is because this will help you choose your Horseback Adventure.

How much time do you have set aside for your Adventure? (Really. We have Adventures of 7 and 10 Day lengths, as well as being able to accommodate longer time frames upon request. The more time you have available, the more ULTIMATE your adventure will be!)

What is your biggest passion for an Adventure like this? (You can pick as many as you need to, but you also need to know what you would like to experience to receive it.)

  • Photography
  • Gold Panning
  • History
  • Horseback Riding
  • Fishing
  • The Alaska Wilderness
  • The Spiritual Aspect of Nature’s Gifts
  • The Isolation and Peace

Alrighty! Now that you have those answers, you fill out THIS FORM, with those answers, and I will send you an email within as short a period of time that I can (!) with direct links straight to the Adventure you are looking for!

Or… You can feel good about going over to the Adventures and decide on your own the Adventure of your  trip of a lifetime! (Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.)


Reserve your Summer Horseback Adventure! (RIGHT HERE!)

Ok, you have your dates figured out. Now come the arrangements, flights and gear!

15 Steps to your Horseback Adventure

Do you live in Alaska? (This one is really easy!)

Yes? Then, you want to see (THIS PAGE) and it will lead you directly to our airstrip!

No? Well, then you will either DRIVE or FLY into Alaska. If you are driving, then (THIS PAGE) will tell you how to get here.

If you are flying into Alaska, you will have two choices. Fly into FAIRBANKS or fly into ANCHORAGE.

You are in Alaska! Now, will you TAKE THE BUS / VAN or will you RENT A CAR TO DRIVE?

If you chose that you want to rent a car, you will want to read (THIS PAGE).

Did you choose to let someone else do the driving? Ok! (Sorry, but you still have choices!)

If you chose (above) to fly into Fairbanks, you may choose between:

Note of explanation- We, here at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, have a long history with 40-Mile Air. They are the “family” that grew as Pioneer Outfitters did, as neighbors, Alaska style.

You are free to use any charter service of your choice. 40-Mile Air also has a long history, doing what they do. They are my perfect example here, because that is how 98% of guests and clients have arrived in Chisana, in my years here.

If you chose (above) to fly into Anchorage, you may choose between:

  • #1- Charter a flight directly out of Anchorage into Chisana. (or…)
  • #2- Schedule your flight to coincide with the Interior Alaska Busline schedule, you can take Interior Alaska straight into Tok. From Tok, 40-Mile Air will fly you directly into Chisana.

~Moving to the next stage, you have your Adventure chosen and reserved and you’ve made your destination city choices and how you will arrive in Tok, thus into Chisana.

Now! Book your commercial flights! The advice I would share with you is remember, Alaska is “Weather Permitting“!

Flights can be delayed because of weather. Commercial as well as the charter plane that will bring you to Chisana (as well as back to Tok, Fairbanks or Anchorage). Give yourself the time you will need to arrive in Chisana.

Coming into Tok, either by driving or by bus is a day’s travel time.

Most stress comes from your departure date and flight is delayed, and missing a commercial flight causes everyone headaches. Give yourself a cushion of time for your return date, if possible.

Delays don’t always happen, but they do happen. If the weather is bad, charter bush planes do not fly. It is always, “Weather Permitting.”

No delay? Then enjoy a little of Alaska’s city life as well. Both Fairbanks and Anchorage have wonderful, must see attractions.

Book your Charter Flights now! Call back 40-Mile Air (or another service you choose) and reserve your flight!

* * Let us know you have your flights booked! Either by phone or email, tell us here at Pioneer Outfitters so we can be excited with you! (As well as answer any more questions that may have come to mind!!)

We (Me and the mouse I call Pioneer Outfitters that lives in my pocket!) will have already sent to you by mail, the Welcome Packet with the contract, insurance forms, extras and Pioneer Outfitters Adventure Trip Plan and Check List with a detailed gear list for what to bring.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of those things you are always welcome to call or email Pioneer Outfitters and get all the answers or advice you might want.

The hardest step (in my opinion) of the entire process is next.


And Wait.

The date will arrive, eventually!

We are looking forward to meeting you and being part of an Adventure you will remember always. We will meet your plane as it lands on our airstrip in Chisana and your Adventure will begin!

Book YOUR Adventure Now!

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