2012 Recap, Questions Answered & Bonus

2012 RecapWith the best intentions, I have tried to answer every question you have asked me.

No matter how many questions I answer or how simple I have tried to make to make the website to use and find those answers, it can still be confusing.

I thought that now, nearing the end of the year, would be a great time to highlight some of those questions and the answers to those questions.

Those of you that have asked questions of me, here and other places we have connected, like Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn, know that I am forever battling bandwidth to stay online as well as power, this winter, to keep the lights and computers on. These issues of late, have given me the gift of time. Time to reread all that I had written.

After two years, writing these posts, (and rereading them again) I see that I am still lacking in the talent to come up with proper titles! (Sigh.) So, as part of the thoughts behind this post, was that I went through and reread each post that I had written here and chose the ones that best answered each question posed.

Who is Pioneer Outfitters?

2012 Recap

Master Guide Terry Overly is Pioneer Outfitters. Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick is Pioneer Outfitters. The Pro-Team Guides (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) are Pioneer Outfitters. The Pioneer Outfitter Guides are Pioneer Outfitters.

Who is (are) Pioneer Outfitters? These posts answer that.

What is Pioneer Outfitters?

Easily said; Pioneer Outfitters is family.

As I was reading back through all the posts that I have written for you, so that you may come to know “what” we really are, I noted each one that really spoke to that, “What Pioneer Outfitters is.”

How do I choose?

First, you have to have made the decision to make Alaska your destination. Then, you must decide if you need or want a professional guide, to accompany you into the Last Frontier. (That should be an easy one! Yes!!)

After those two decisions are made, you have many different options with Pioneer Outfitters to choose from.

Ok. You have chosen to come to Alaska, you know that having a Professional Guide with you is smart and safe. You already know what you have dreamed of, to experience. Now, these posts will help you feel confident in all your choices.

What do I bring?

This is question is always asked and is a very important question, which I am constantly refining my answer to.

Alaska’s weather can be tricky to pack for. Whether you are coming to Alaska for:

You will want to have what you need to have, for comfort as well as safety. When you are going to be in a remote area, such as Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters, you also want to have with you, what you want.

These are the posts that speak directly to this question:

I also made some pretty significant changes, additions and adjustments to the Guide Training FAQs lists.

Here is also, a close-up look at what an Alaska Guide Trainee needs, when he or she hears:

How do I get there?

Don’t worry, I have the answers! (Yes, there is more than one option.)

Travel FAQs!

Here are some posts that directly help in answering that question, too.

People also ask (as well they should), quite often, about our horses and the weather. Both are a huge part of our lives at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska.

Pioneer Outfitters Horses

The Weather

The weather in Chisana, Alaska is as varied as Alaska’s terrain. On our General FAQs page, about half way down, there is a section on the weather for the different times of the year.

2012 Recap
Nominated for the 2012 Prois Hunting Award.


So, you want the “skinny” on and about Pioneer Outfitters?

The Insider … A Professional Guide

“The quickest way to the truth, is to get it directly from the horse’s mouth.”

…Well… since most of our horses wont talk to anyone….

I am not simply a licensed Alaska Guide. I am not even simply a Professional Alaska Guide. I am an active Professional Alaska Guide.

I have been active in the field, year-round, guiding guests and clients on horseback and with snow machines since 1995.

I will give it to you straight out, without fail. The great successes, the humiliating failures and the daily struggle and effort to improve. I will give you the “skinny.”

EXTRA!! Bonus!2012 Recap
For those of you that made it through this l-o-o-o-ng post, this is to give you an idea of what is coming.

Now that My Identity Crisis has been finished, my new project is to discuss with you and to pass along what advice I have to share.

Women in the Outdoors

To help you get excited about this new project, along with me, I pulled the following posts out to share with you:

Well, that’s it! I hope I answered the questions you have asked. If I missed one, let me know. I hope that this break down, will maybe answer a question for you that you haven’t asked yet.

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  1. You absolutely amaze me. I am so blown away with with what you do and the challenges you face and how the heck are you going to home school a kindergardner when you’re out on a horse all day?

    I wanted to push this post on LinkedIn…do me a favor…be sure and put your Alaska key word in your headlines or at least in your first paragraph. Your first graph should be a summary about what’s inside the blog so if people are only scanning, you can entice them.


    What follows is a recap of 12 months in the Alaska wilderness guided by Pioneer Outfitters, professional guides who take clients deep into uncharted territory to hunt, fish and commune with nature on horseback, by campfire and in sleeping bag.

    But, I shared on Facebook and was able to put in an intro to the post whereas for LinkedIn it’s more difficult to add remarks in front of a share.

    Hope you don’t mind my saying that here.

    You go girl.

  2. Jayme!
    (These comments went to the old email address! Grrr….)Never hesitate to tell or remind me of anything! LOL, I NEVER take advice the wrong way..

    (Shame-faced) I knew that. (curse-curse) {See? Aren’t you proud?!}

    School gets juggled around trips and adventures. Most often one or both are out on horses or out fishing too! LOL, or helping at the barns, with wood, with tack…. what are they missing? Nothing. Kindergarten, though, well…. I aint diggin it…. who ever heard of a little NOT liking, even LOVING school at that age? Well…me.

    WHAT?! I just got here! OMG, what is wrong with Word Press? Oh, Lordy….

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