2012 Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award



Way back, on July 31, 2012, while I was out wrangling the last of our strays, the range horses that like to vanish when it’s round-up time, Allie, Allison Irish, aka Allie or AllieRambles, is an involuntary blogger and stay at home mom and one of my own examples that I learn from, watch and read….. honored me and Alaska Chick’s Blog by including us into the Sisterhood!

Allie is the work horse (Allie’s words, not mine, though I DO agree!) behind Ramblings of a WAHM.


As in everything… there are strings attached. Rules, too.

  1. Recipients need to thank the giver (Check!)
  2. Post 7 things about yourself (In the video, Check!)
  3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominated (Only 7? Boo!)
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog (Easy-peasy, Check!)

Now, for my favorites. For my life-savers and for those that keep me keepin’ on and for the ones that help me to Stay the Path, the one that teach me so much about life, business and mixing it all up online.

(Drum roll, please….)

Kaarina Dillabough. decide2do

How would I describe what Kaarina has brought to my life? Kaarina wrote a post, shortly after I met her, and in that post made reference to “Kai-zen”, which is the relentless pursuit of finding a better way. She is kindness, compassion and beauty. Kaarina is experience, excellence and joy.

Andrea Beadle. Spiritual Sanctuary & Spa

“A place where you belong” is written on the top of page. I can’t tell you, how that hits me, each time I read it. Every post I read, it is almost as if Andrea is speaking directly of and to me. I look forward to the days Pam writes just as much and Saxon Knight on her Listen Beloved (I know, I slipped an extra in there, but she is really a part of Spiritual Sanctuary & Spa and Andrea, too!).

Lisa Petrilli. C Level Strategies

Lisa’s Visionary Leadership is my inspiration, my motivation to be all me, strong and female. She is, along with these other incredible women that I have listed, one of the women I hope, struggle, work towards, and aspire to be more like. As I have continued to read more, I came to realize that that my purpose was the same… to change the world.

Carrie Zylka. A Fist Full of Arrows

I met Carrie when I stopped being so shy, online. I met this sassy, savvy lady through Twitter, dug a little deeper, and found a friend who was also into all the same things I was, and into all the things I was, professionally. From A Fist Full of Arrows, I learned how hunting was done and done right, in the Lower 48. An archery hunter and a professional photographer, who loved to ride horses, I had found a professional woman with a sense of humor that my computer hates (I tend to spew coffee!) and a fiercely loyal friend.

Gloria Romlewski. Just Working with My Spirit

No matter what I read at Gloria’s Just Working with My Spirit, I feel calmed. Warmed from the inside. There is never a doubt in my mind, as I read, that I will be better that day, than it or I could have possibly been, on my own. Gloria is the magic, brought to life, in my life.

Gini Dietrich. SpinSucks

What can I say? I’m in the midst of shoe-envy. No, I am kidding. Gini is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most scary-smart, friendliest, and hilarious people I have met, online. I know, with no hesitation, that Gini is an Adventurer, heart and soul. If it is business, the who, what, why and how of it, Gini’s SpinSucks knows it.

Marjorie Clayman. Margie’s Moments of Tiyoweh

Margie is everything, that means anything. She stands so straight, so right, she reminds me constantly that straight and right in everything, in business and in life, in the entire world, involves me. She talks about the stuff most people wouldn’t touch. Marjorie is the class and heart, of my list.

These are my people. These are fantastic women bloggers that certainly deserve more from me, for all they have given me, than a mention in an online award.

If you have been here before, for us, here at Pioneer Outfitters, you may be wondering what these 7 (Oh, ok, 8) women have to do with Alaska, Horseback Adventures or Big Game Hunting. For the most part (Hey! Don’t forget Carrie!), nothing.

But that isn’t why I put any of them here.

I humbly, graciously, accept the inclusion into the Sisterhood of World Bloggers, because blogging has brought these people, as it has you, into my life. Into our lives.

Each one, has made a difference in my life. Emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and professionally. Each of them (and so many more) have helped me become …more.

I have one last induction. But with this one, I run into other issues. He’s not a Sister. Is that a real requirement? I would like Bill Dorman to receive this award as well. (He really wants it!) And it goes without saying, he deserves it. You should visit him, he is awesome!

Thank you, Allie. It meant more than I could explain in the seconds between Adventures, this summer. Thank you, all of you. For it all. That is what I have, now that you are in my life. The world.



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10 Responses to 2012 Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

  1. Overwhelmed. Honoured. Humbled. Thanks so much Amber-Lee. You continue to inspire me with your spirit, your tenacity, your wonder of the world and your guts. Even when the road gets rocky, I know you will always triumph. I’m in your corner,and I’ve got your back…always. Cheers! Kaarina

    • You see, Kaarina, and THAT is why I don’t give up, wont quit, and really, can’t loose. Look again. Look at the list (and in the mirror), everything I need, the very direction I am facing, look at the list….how can I not continue to grow and learn with women like you to lead the way?
      Thank you for being part of my life.

    • (OMG! DO YOU SEE? Geoff Livingston!! Was here!!) Tee hee, I am giggling…that is so weird, I am fully aware…)

      A fantastic group of women, Geoff! I have been honored to receive a few blogging awards since I began…and I know that I have mentioned a few of these women before… but they truly have changed and improved my own life so much in so many ways… That is the point of the Award, I would think. To honor someone that has touched you with their writing… taught, guided.

      Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me, Sir.

  2. This probably won’t surprise you, but this is the second Sisterhood award I have rec’d; Annie Andre bestowed the first one on me.

    Trust me, I’m ok with being one of the girls; it’s sure beats the heck out of getting in the middle of a dude-fest…:).

    I’ve been on a hiatus trying to fine tune my direction somewhat and get more corporate with my social efforts. However, and even though I’m not playing in the blogs as much I still see everybody.

    I hope you are doing well; all is going well here. My youngest son just started working with us about a month ago; that has been cool.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me and I’m happy to take any recognition at all.

    Good to see you.

    • Bill, Ya know, I remember that! Boo on me! I read over at your place last night and know exactly what you mean… I love to read what you write…just always know that. You always crack me up with the way I can hear your voice as you start your rants. Don’t go too far away from us, Bill…I know you mean as much to your big and famous crowd as to lil ol’ me. You add something special to us all.

  3. Congratulations, Amber-Lee! Your award is well-deserved. You are very supportive of your sister bloggers.

    Excellent job on picking your recipients. They are top-notch. I also applaud your pick of Bill Dorman. He is extremely supportive of his fellow bloggers, plus it’s good to see him back in the blogosphere. :-)

    • Ahh, Thank you, Carolyn! You are another of the people, my blessings, that have changed my life, by being connected to you and knowing you. You, with your gifts, have helped me ease into this world a little easier. I am so glad you stopped by!

  4. I am so honoured Amber-Lee. We’ve only known each other a short while but I am privileged to be part of this journey with you. The internet knows known borders or boundaries and I just love how we can literally wrap our arms around the world! I looked forward to learning so much more about you xxx

    • Andrea…
      I truly believe that until we are all part of the same journey, there is still much to be done. When I found you through Kaarina’s link a few weeks ago, I was blown away, in a way I hadn’t been since I began. It was a moment of recognition for me. Lead on!

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