The 2013 International Horseback Adventure, Home At Last

We are home and we are safe. The 2013 International Horseback Adventure was a success. Over 8,000 pictures were taken, over 37 hours of video was recorded and 18 posts were written to share with you here, on Alaska Chick’s Blog as well as other places!

International Horseback Adventure

Well, that was a … umm..I suppose “night-mare” would be almost an apt description.


Bruises were acquired. Blood was shed. All were traumatized.

But hey, finally, we are home! Yay! I have hope that sending you this short note (instead of the eighteen posts I wrote while we were away bringing in the new horses to our range horse herd) was the thing to do.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we are blessed with people, such as you, in our lives and in the world, to help us, standing with us and being such a huge part of our lives, in so many unexpected ways.

We are heading into our fourth hunt of the 2013 Fall Big Game Hunting Season and I must ask you all to be patient, for just a little while longer. I will (and want to, so much) share with you our entire journey just as soon as I can sit down and write just a little longer. For now, I have guests and clients waiting for me to saddle up again and help them find the dream that brought them too, to Alaska and to us at Pioneer Outfitters.

To find out more about what the 2013 International Horseback Adventure is, check these posts out (and remember to stay tuned for the whole story!).

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5 Responses to The 2013 International Horseback Adventure, Home At Last

  1. You are doing a phenomenal job “advertising and marketing” Pioneer Outfitters with the pictures, videos and stories you’ve shared over the few short years I’ve known you, Amber-Lee! I can’t wait to hear more! Have fun!

  2. I can’t wait! to hear this story and see all the photos!!! Adventure indeed! A very loooong one!
    You were missed!!!!

    As Always ~*~

    • Alli!!
      Oh, how I have missed you all…
      I will share, never fear! But seriously, my friend… you (all) made such a difference to me, and through me, you were right there with me, helping me. As a Leader, as a person.. on this Adventure. It tests every belief a human has about oneself and really takes the blinders off, to see those humans and the world we surround ourselves with.
      This Adventure (all 7 weeks) was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Too long gone. From you all, from business, obligations and responsibilities here at home. Some damage was done… but also Alli ~ I experienced such wonders! Of our world and of the people in it. The hearts, generosity and kindness that is everywhere, every time you look… it is there. What a beautiful experience.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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