The 2013 International Horseback Adventure, The Yukon

This is my fourth International Horseback Adventure, to bring in new horses to be added to Pioneer Outfitters range horse herd in Chisana, Alaska.

 International Horseback Adventure

The horses were unloaded, fed and watered. Gear sorted and camp made at Sanpete, a historic WWII sawmill and machine shop. Dinner was a Buckshot Betty specialty ~ Pizza! Trails are being looked at as I sit here, in our home-away-from-home camp, trying to find the words to bring you along on this Adventure.

Tempers are short.

The tensions are stemming from two directions. One, our guests and clients are in Chisana, Alaska waiting for our return (and the additional horses) and two, as we get closer to departing into the ultimate untamed wilderness, the dangers that await are becoming more real to the two Alaska Guide Trainees chosen to be part of the 2013 Team to successfully (and safely) accomplish this arduous journey.

The bruises earned working with these new horses are in full bloom and each morning begins with a pitiful moan and a couple of groans. (Yes, the whining has begun.)

The first plan and the trails we intended to use are a complete no-go. The Beaver (Beaver Creek) waters are down from the flood stage that they have been at for the last two months, which is great news, but the insane and incredible heat of the continuing Summer has made the bogs even more treacherous than normal.

Walking the trailhead on foot was enough for Master Guide Terry Overly to veto any ideas about heading into the wilderness from that direction.

The next four hours were spent moving camp and all horses to the next trailhead, which is where I sit now, Sanpete Creek, 22 miles away.

An invitation to a special BBQ and surprise birthday party with Yukon friends and locals was a great way to simply relax for a small part of time while pushing away the thoughts of the dangers we would be facing soon.

International Horseback Adventure

It had been another long, hard and frustrating day, but one thing repeats itself over and over in my mind as I listen to my own Team and the people surrounding us laugh together: We are so Blessed. The life we live, absolutely, is a wild dream come true. But more, the people we encounter along the way are the true blessing.

International Horseback Adventure

To follow along and read more about our amazing 2013 International Horseback Adventure, stay tuned! Below I have also listed the previous installments to our 7 week Adventure, in order, so you can come along on this great journey with us.

International Horseback Adventure

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4 Responses to The 2013 International Horseback Adventure, The Yukon

    • LOL, Ann, Ya know, you COULD transcribe these notes in YOUR spare time! LOL, I know you have about as much of it as any of us do! Even Nancy offered to help! Ha! She has less than all of us! Besides, you should see these notebooks. I don’t really think anyone could follow them, I start with an idea or occurrence and get distracted, start another, then continue the first just where ever I happen to be in the book. It makes perfect sense. If it is like a 10-day time frame. 7 Weeks? Not so much! LOL, even I’m confused!

  1. I love this! Been dreaming of visiting for a couple years now. Darn I just keep getting older. We, my Husband & I, unfortunately travel by Harley 2008 Road Glide riding double. Can we make it there by Motorcycle? ;-) He tried riding horses while we were dating but declined after we were married. But he pays for the farm where we live so I can have my two horses. I think I will keep him. lol

    I am with the ladies, you need help to do your other jobs, so you can write more! You are a great writer. Anxiously, awaiting the rest of the story & going to be SAD when it is all told too. ;-( Thank you for sharing. I am sharing with facebook with my friends & other adrenaline junkies who ride the two-lane highways, on the twisty=turnies, preferably in altitude! Hope to meet you all eventually. Thank you for sharing.

    • Carla!
      How wonderful to hear the excitement in your voice.
      Boss had ideas awhile back about inviting all the Harley-Adventurers to visit! No, sadly not even a Harley would make it to our front door. I would love to create an adventure with your Harley-buddies in mind. Adventure, we have in spades. The trick is getting you all here and as for hubby (and his ilk) well… I suppose shorter rides and sweeter horses may help, not to mention the prize at the end of the day (destinations and plenty of the individual preferred lubrication) might help! LOL.

      Well, don’t start being sad yet, I am still writing as fast as I can and the end is nowhere in sight yet (a lot like how we felt during the 7-weeks gone! LOL) I hope you’ll share your adventures as well here, with me and mine. We’ll be here when you get here! Ride safe and enjoy all those twisty-turnies!
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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