2014 ~ Alaska Adventures

The year of the horse has already begun it’s mad and fearless journey towards the 2014 Alaska Adventures that are being planned. Summer spots are still available, but there are limited spaces only remaining. Be sure you are Fearless this year and are part of the extraordinary events that are unfolding as we speak.

Alaska Adventures

There is a couple big surprises in the works as we speak that are still to-be-announced over the next couple of months. You’ll want to keep in the loop of things to be sure not to miss these! There is enough going on already to keep us busy though and I am happy to share those with you today.

Adventure Filmmaking

A degree program through Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC)

“Outdoor Leadership on the cutting edge. Graduates with associate of applied science (AAS) degrees in Outdoor Leadership compete with both high school graduates and those with postsecondary degrees and certificates, often for the same positions. Graduates often finish their education with high student loan debt, a less than ideal experience, and a generalized outdoor studies (ODS) education. What ‘makes’ the difference in the field of outdoor leadership is knowledge and communication ability, nationally and internationally recognized certification(s), industry specialization, and significant field experience.

Because some level of fear is healthy… especially as a guide; but filmmakers should be fearless. Checks and balances…(~ DB Palmer )

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is not for the timid!

The trek will be epic, remote, incredibly difficult and require long days working with horses in the back country of bush Alaska. This course covers a full range of survival, guiding, hunting, horse packing, Adventure Filmmaking and Outdoor Leadership skills.” ~ DB Palmer, Ed.D., LPC, WFR. Professor of outdoor leadership, Director of Outdoor Studies and Adventure Film School Alaska Prince William Sound College University of Alaska, Vice President of Academic Senate

To find out more or to speak with DB Palmer: (907)-834-1668 or email: dbpalmer@pwscc.edu OR via the AFSA FaceBook page.

More information:

Carving The Chisana

The Bow ~ Chisana Glacier Horseback Trip this year will be involved with carving the new horse trail from the Chisana River Glacier, up and across the mountain side beside the massive glacier, eventually ending McCarthy, Alaska.

The unprecedented and massive melting of the Chisana Glacier over the last decade has completely erased the once used trail and has opened new and unexplored territory to be discovered. This Adventure will put you right into the middle of it all. The unbelievable beauty is something to behold.

The Chisana Glacier is part of the largest sub-polar ice field in North America.The Chisana River combined with the Nabesna River are the headwaters of the Tanana River which flows into the mighty Yukon River. Chisana, the English name, also originally “Shushanna” is “Tsetsaan’ Na’ ” an Ahtna Athabascan word, meaning literally “copper river.” (Not to be confused with the Copper River.)

More information: Adventurers FAQs

21-Day Horseback Fitness Adventure

It is an amazing and life-changing Adventure in the most beautiful piece of the Alaskan Wilderness.

Have you said to yourself:

  • “If I could only get a head start.”
  • “If I could just get away from myself and have to a real chance to begin.”
  • “If I could only get a strong start.”?

~ I have said all of those things. From your arrival in Chisana, you are treated as family. Welcomed and celebrated for the momentous decision that you have made to “Be Fearless” and live the life of your dreams in a healthier, happier way.

Using horses in the difficult Alaska terrain allows us to provide our guests with comfortable camps, plenty of good food and of course, gives us a beautiful viewpoint for the spectacular places you will be riding in.

Horseback riding is the best full-body workout that can be had for so much enjoyment as well as had from sitting on your butt! However it is hard work. You may not even realize it, as we ride, but it is and that is why on each break, your guides will join and help you to stretch and loosen back up each time you stop for a break or rest.

For 21 Days, you will stretch, ride, walk and eat in the most glorious and magnificently exclusive mountain wilderness in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve.

With Pioneer Outfitters by your side every step of the way, you will spend 21 days experiencing the glorious wilderness on a scale above and beyond anything most people have ever encountered. The Chisana Valley is a unique area, the site of the last historic gold rush and considered a deeply spiritual place to the people who have lived and visited.

Here is more awesome information about the Horseback FITNESS Adventure:

It’s the Year of the Horse! LOL, and on top of that we are making a huge effort to Be Fearless! in all that we do. I hope you will be part of one of the grand Adventures we take in 2014.


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18 Responses to 2014 ~ Alaska Adventures

  1. What a fun, exciting year! Blazing a new trail..that sounds interesting! Year of the Horse for sure!

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann,
      I know! It is what I am most excited about being part of. I have only gone about a mile up on the right side of the glacier ~ ever. I can’t wait to see more- it is beyond gorgeous.

    • Gotta have a full plate, Brian, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we weren’t up to our noses in it!
      hey! What do you mean, you wish us luck- HA! You better be part of it all this year, my friend!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Well, Phil, do it! LOL
      It is exciting, we are ALL excited about it. There is SO MUCH going on this year!
      Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to find out more.
      ~ Alaska Chick, aka Amber-Lee

    • Absolutely. The constant then ceasing motion (exercise) of riding followed each time with gentle stretching will strengthen the new positions of your muscles. Will slow the reactions in them so that it will also help lessen the soreness!

    • Well, just in case you are NOT some spammy troll, I will let you know that there are some incredible plans in the works for the 2015 Adventures!
      Take care and stay in touch and be sure to be safe as you experience all Alaska has to offer this year!

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