The 3 Reasons to Choose Chisana Alaska

For first time visitors, it seems like a whole lot of confusing effort to come to Chisana, Alaska.

It seems almost impossible to one looking into a Horseback Adventure, with only a desire to have a real vacation this time, and for once to return home with a real sense of inspiration and renewal.

Here and today I will give you 3 reasons to choose Chisana, Alaska. (And I can also make getting here a whole bunch easier for you to understand!)

The 3 Reasons to Choose Chisana Alaska

  • The raw beauty of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park can only be seen and experienced in such an intimate way by horseback in the wilderness.
  • Pioneer Outfitters has made it’s home in Chisana, Alaska since 1924 as horse outfitters. Before the Park. Before the Statehood. It isn’t what we do. It is who we are.
  • Unsurpassed photographic opportunities. It is in one of the largest protected areas on earth. Historic sites and discoveries. Amazing and interesting points of Alaskan and Pioneer history you can experience first hand with people that live there, continuing the traditions.

The 3 Reasons to Choose Chisana Alaska

For those, that crave getting off that beaten down path, those people who truly wish for a new Adventure to treasure in the memories for a lifetime: Stop worrying! Getting here is only daunting the first time. Travel FAQs will take you step by step, and we’ll take care of everything from the moment you arrive!

There are others that offer similar adventures, you might suggest.

Yes, you are correct. Similar in that they use horses and you go camping.

The Horseback Adventures we offer into the Wrangell Mountains are adventures straight from an era gone by.

Incredibly remote, perfectly set in the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges.

The wildlife, the wildflowers, the glaciers, rivers and creeks, campfires and horses.

Days of peace and thrill with the giant mountains surrounding you, close enough to touch or miles away across the tundra and still so big.

Guided by experienced guides trained there, in the wilderness of Alaska, licensed by the State of Alaska.

Guides trained to “guide” you, to keep you company, keep you safe and help you enjoy every minute of your adventure in Alaska.

There is nothing better than watching a dream come true, except for maybe being part of it.


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