4 Most Amazing Blessings Online in 2013

The year has come to its end. I don’t know for sure about the rest of you, but I will be happy to wake to the Year of the Horse in 2014. Although 2013 was packed full of challenges and strangeness, there were also so many blessings as well. The 4 most amazing blessings online in 2013 are what I would like to share with you, on this day of change.

Amazing Blessings Online

My 4 most amazing blessings online in 2013 were in the absolute support, encouragement, guidance and pure joy of four people. All four people are simply brilliant humans that have sharp minds, squishy hearts, generous souls and each has a wicked sense of humor that has kept my relationship with Apple Care strong (~because I keep having to replace my wireless keyboards after spewing coffee in fits of shocked laughter, all over them thus resulting in total destruction of their innards!).

Amazing Blessings

These are people who lead incredibly busy lives, full of businesses and families. These four people have incredibly active hobbies and serve their communities with huge and giving hearts.

The most amazing thing to me is that these four people made Pioneer Outfitters such a huge part of their lives to the extent they were the top commenters on Alaska Chick’s Blog in 2013. I am so honored that they chose me. I am blessed to have these four people be a part of my life.

Amazing Blessings

Ann Jane, is @equuisdancer on Twitter but she’s easier to catch on Face Book! Ann found Pioneer Outfitters and in turn me, scared to death while creating our first website, three whole years ago. She offered her endless support and friendship and has been with me (and Pioneer Outfitters!!) on our online journey into Social Media.

From Michigan, Ann is the one I turn to when I need inspiration, guidance or simply a little extra love and acceptance. She’s also the one that is the first to notice if I need a kick in the butt-ocks to “Let go and Let God.”

She is that friend. The one who listens. The one who really cares. For more than her own laughs, for far more than just the surface. Ann is the friend that simply knows. Ann came in as Alaska Chick’s Blog #1 commenter! ~ Thank you, my dear, dear, friend.

Amazing Blessings

Betsy Cross, is @BetsyKCross over on Twitter and of course on Face Book. She is What If Today… with her wisdom and generosity infused byline, “… some thoughts on life”. I met Betsy on Twitter first, after coming across her comments on the same various blogs I found myself drawn to I think, almost three years ago. I can’t really remember not having Betsy in my life.

Betsy lives in Massachusetts and a Mother who’s youngest kiddos keep me laughing out loud with what they come up with next. She is an amazing Artist, dancer and writer. Betsy is the friend you LOVE to get into trouble with!

She is far more than one of the wisest human’s that I’ve known, she has one of most beautiful hearts; always full to bursting, always exploring and pushing herself past her own comfort zone. Betsy was my #2 commenter in 2013! Thank you!!

Amazing Blessings

Jayme Soulati, Chicago girl, is @Soulati the #RockHot, spectacularly sharp and sassy President of Soulati Media, Inc. and the sass of Soulati-‘TUDE!

Meeting Jayme, after hiding behind other commenters on various blogs when I was a newbie to all of Social Media, I was completely drawn to her insights, knowledge, experience and sarcasm.  But that wasn’t all, Jayme had a way about her, even online, that was magnetic.

Jayme is one of those Ladies you meet sometimes in a lifetime, that no matter how old you are at that point you think to yourself, “I want to be HER, when I grow up.” LOL!  Jayme was my #3 biggest commenter on Alaska Chick’s Blog in 2013. Thank you, Jayme!!

Amazing Blessings

Alli Polin, @AlliPolin , my fourth biggest commenter in 2013, is my newest friend of these four amazing humans. Alli is Break The Frame, an American expat living in my dream destination, Australia with her husband and children. She is the air that buoys you as you “Make the Leap”.

I met Alli through our engagement and dedication to #bealeader in 2013 on Google+. She is an amazingly kind, astonishingly insightful, wonderful lady and she is the long lost sister of my heart. (I just hope her “gut” doesn’t tell her to come home before I get across the pond to visit her!) Thank you, Alli, for being such a part of my life here in Chisana, Alaska and being my 4th biggest commenter in 2013. You were certainly one of my favorite blessings in 2013.

Amazing Blessings

So this is my thank you to each of these absolutely amazing women. I hope if you don’t already know them, you will meet them soon. All four of these ladies are outstanding professionals, super approachable and responsible for some of the best points of my life.


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10 Responses to 4 Most Amazing Blessings Online in 2013

  1. You sure know how to make a girl smile! I did NOT expect this! You’re da maaan! ,as they say! LOL! I love youtons and SOMEDAY hope to give you a hug…gotta survive this snowstorm first. I was getting snow off the car this morning, thinking, “I’m in Alaska!” Wasn’t that a strange thought? Swimming on Saturday in the SNOW!!!!

    • Betsy,
      I AM da maaan! LOL, swimming in the snow, eh? Well, that’s ONE I haven’t done yet!
      And only a Mass. girl would think “I’m in Alaska!” cause NO Alaskan would DREAM of swimming in the snow!
      You continuously crack me up.
      I just wish someone would take some pics of you doing these plunges!! (I know some are, but MORE!!)

  2. I pretty pinky promise I don’t TRY to be snarky, but I learned it ALL from you, Little One. Not lyin’ that’s the #RockHot truth!

    Shoot, was I really over here that much? You know it’s expensive to fly to the middle of Nowheresville, Alaska; but way cool.

    And, in all seriousness, as much as things change, those we align with like the stars are always in the Milky Way, right there like the North Star. That’d be you, Girlfriend!

    Ever onward and upward and keep that coffee in your mouth.

    • Jayme, there isn’t one tiny doubt in my mind that it all comes au naturel to you, quite gracefully! LOL.
      YEEEESSS, you were over here THAT much! Even without a proper commenting service! (LMAO) But we are working on that one right now!
      It blows my mind… you know, that my very own circle is so full of such incredible humans, Jayme. It humbles and inspires me constantly ~ from standing a little straighter to studying a little harder or asking again “how” or “what”.
      We are heading onward and upward, together.
      You have made such a difference, Jayme.

  3. Holy Shiznit! I’m speechless and you know THAT doesn’t happen often..LOL.
    You, yourself have been a Blessing to me! I’ve had a riot doing what we do and it’s been so much fun to watch you grow online. You write a mean, fun Blog too..who wouldn’t follow your escapades and adventures! Lets me know what I’m in for one of these days..*Snort!

    Love you Bunches.

    As Always ~*~AJ

    • Ha! I surprised you? Sneaky-sneaky! It’s not easy surprising someone who spends as much time in the same places as I do! LOL
      I didn’t even put this one in draft till I was ready for it to be live! (I know you enjoy the sneak-peaks!!)
      You’ll slide seamlessly into our lives in Chisana when you finally arrive in the flesh! LOL, your rain gear, under armour and sleeping bag are still in their box waiting for you!
      Love you right back, my friend.

  4. So touched!!

    No lie – it’s been an amazing blessing getting to know you through #bealeader and your blog. What I love is the stories!! You share your heart and soul and bring me along for a ride every time. Look forward to much, much more connection with you in 2014!! Happy New Year to you!!


    • Alli!
      I am so happy. I too, am looking forward to this bright and shiny New Year and all that it has hidden within it’s days. I think of you when I am riding out, imagining the words I could find to describe it in such a way to bring you along… so that you can smell it, feel it and then truly experience it. This is what I want so badly; to smell the air, to feel the sun and wind and experience the Down Under.
      Thank you, Alli, for being a part of my life.

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