7 Things to do in Alaska This Year!

Are you thinking of visiting Alaska? Perhaps you are, but wondering what there is to do in Alaska… Well, I have an answer! (yeah, yeah, But I do!) Things to do in Alaska, are what we do best! I have 7 (Yes, seven!! Major things for you, your family or you and pals, to do in Alaska this year!) Things to do in Alaska

Starting in April (through the end of June), if you are after a Big Game Hunting Adventure, we offer Interior Mountain Grizzly Bear and Black Bear Hunts. All of our Big Game Hunts are conducted on horseback and we have one of the only areas in Alaska that a Grizzly Bear may be harvested every year instead of every four years. This is our Spring Grizzly & Black Bear Hunt.

The highlights of this hunt is that our population of Grizzly Bears supports (more than!) this harvest. The winds, blowing off of the glacial ice keeps the bear’s coats prime and silky, no matter what the season is. The color phases alone, from a dark-dark almost pure black to a golden and chocolate toklat Grizzly, are amazing to see. 12 Days in the wilderness of Alaska on horseback hunting with your professional guide for the most powerful animal in North America, the Grizzly Bear.

Beginning in May, we start our Horseback Adventures. Pioneer Outfitters, located deep in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, since 1924 has taken people from all over the world on Horseback Adventures to safely experience the grand wilderness that surrounds us and all it offers. With no horseback riding experience necessary and Professional Guides at your side, your Adventure will be all you could ever dream.

From high mountain fishing to gold panning, every day is an amazing gift to absorb and treasure forever. Visit the site of the last historic gold rush and hear it’s history as you are taught to pan for gold.

Photograph the wildlife and utterly breathtaking land as we climb and explore the glaciers. Learn to trust your horse and feel yourself becoming stronger and lighter of heart and soul each day as he carries you across rivers and streams, over tundra and up mountain passes. Feel, with certainty the spirits that drew the first Native Alaskans here, on our Spiritual Retreat.

Travel and explore the untouched wilderness by horseback, climb mountain passes and see as far as you can, the incredible world that we live in. Fish the high mountain lakes, soak in the warmth of your campfire and camaraderie of your Alaskan Guide as the sky stretches endlessly above you.

That, and much more, encompasses a true Alaskan Adventure. During the Fall months, beginning in August, we offer Fall Photo Safaris, as the Alaska-Yukon Moose begin to gather for the rut, your Professional Guide will call them from miles away for your photographing amazement.

From August through the beginning of October, if Alaska Big Game Hunting is your dream, we have what you are looking for. Grizzly Bears, Dall Sheep, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Black Bear, Timber Wolves and Wolverine are all part of what makes Pioneer Outfitters Horseback Hunting exciting and satisfying.

When the Fall draws to a close with the Winter’s snow fall and the ice covers the rivers, lakes and streams, we will begin, once again preparing the equipment and trails for our Winter Predator Hunts.

Things to do in Alaska

Each of these Adventures, Excursions and Hunts are part of what make Pioneer Outfitters something you do not want to miss. To experience Alaska, the way she was meant to be, you have to be immersed in and surrounded by Alaska’s glory, the wilderness.

With Pioneer Outfitters at your side, you will safely experience and forever treasure your decision to visit Alaska. Alone, with friends or family, each moment will be worth a thousand words that will always fall short of describing the wonder. Each day will be hundreds of photos, snap-shots in time, that will forever draw you back.

Everything we do, is for you. YOU. You are what makes the world come to life. The glory of the world that surrounds us wants to share itself with you. To remind you. Who you are, who it is. This is Alaska. This is your Adventure.

Don’t be shy! We are real people, we make our living as we make our lives, the real deal. Get to know us! Look around, read some more of what interests you and get to know us… we want to know you. If you think that this, any of this is for you, then click the box below and drop us a note.

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      LOL! Yes, we have the Spiritual spots that have been treasured since the time of the first people here. You will feel what I mean when you visit. (IF the dang river cooperates!!) I love you, darlin’ and I absolutely can’t wait for the day we ride out together…
      ~ Amber-Lee

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