A Professional Alaska Guide

Professional Alaska GuideWhat is a Professional Alaska Guide, in your opinion?

The frustration and hands-tied feeling of an empty wallet and no salted hides hanging on the rack, is thick enough in the air as to taste.

In your opinion, do you believe that a Professional Alaska Guide is:

  • Someone you pay to “get” (guarantee that you “get”) you the trophies that you came to Alaska for.
  • Someone you are required to have with you to hunt Dall Sheep, Brown or Grizzly Bear or Mountain Goat as a non-resident of Alaska.

…I hope not.

Professional Alaska GuideIn my own words, based on my own experience, a Professional Alaska Guide is one that is licensed by the state of Alaska to guide non-resident hunters in a safe, knowledgeable, legal, ethical and professional manner.

A Professional Alaska Guide is knowledgeable in his or her area of hunting (Unit 12 in our case), the habits and habitat of the animals in the area he or she operates in.

Here is another thing. Amazing things happen. Fabulous things. Rare occurrences really do happen. Blessings or luck, depending on how you look at things like this.

Things like:

  • Professional Alaska GuideYou may ride around the bend in the creek and spot something white ahead. Raising your binos, your mind blanks for a moment. An absolutely “no-shitter” 40” Dall Sheep Ram is in the creek bottom, crossing to the other side. The wind is in your face and there is plenty of cover to sneak up in.
  • You’ll ride your horse to the top of a mountain, get off, take a peak over the edge, and there he is, 146 yards away from where you just hobbled your horse. The Dall Sheep of your dreams.
  • You wake up, stretch, crawl out of your tent and look around, and there is a Grizzly Bear! Walking around, digging here and there for roots or ground squirrels, not 400 yards away from your tent!

Professional Alaska GuideI could go on and on. (You know I could!)

Do you want to hear something that may blow your mind? These instances, these examples I just gave you, of amazing things happening, have all happened. These are all my own memories. They were, each, amazing blessings, rare and I was witness.

They will, quite possibly and in all reality, never happen again.


But they happened. To me and to the clients with me.

If you speak with other guides and outfitters, I am certain they could share some amazing stories as well. They could share their own rare-gimme-too-easy stories with you as well.

Professional Alaska GuideA Professional Alaska Guide-Outfitter is someone you choose and pay to guide you safely and knowledgeably in an unfamiliar area, a dangerous area to Big Game animals, many of which can be very dangerous as well. Judging and assisting a client in choosing the legal and desired trophy you choose to harvest.

Remember; wonderful, rare and amazing things do happen. Keep your heart in the hunt. The beautiful and untouched wilderness you are visiting, surrounds you while you continue your hunt. The wild animals that live on the land you hunt, wary, but unfamiliar with humans.

Hunt well, hunt safely, treasure every moment.


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  1. “Remember; wonderful, rare and amazing things do happen.” Of this I have no doubt, and not just for the hunters! Your photos show so many of these, I can only imagine what being “Right There” would be like, but I know it would be an Awe inspiring Fantastic experience!

    As Always ~*~

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