Alaska Adventures to Fit Your Schedule

Hand drawn map, showing Alaska~As I have mentioned in the past, actually getting to Chisana, where Pioneer Outfitters calls home and where the action happens, can be a little daunting without a plan.

Another issue that has become a concern for us as well is the fact that many folks that come to Alaska want to see as much of Alaska as they can, during a rarely flexible time frame.

The new website and this blog have done a few things that we had hoped for. First and most importantly, it has let folks get to know us a little before they call or fill out a “Contact” form.

The second, just as important, is the input we have received on what “you” would like. I love it when people say, “I was on your website..“!

Another piece of feedback we received was the wish that we offered Adventures to fit their time-frames.

Adventures to Fit

Pioneer Outfitters is now offers, for our Summer and Fall Horseback Adventures, 5 Day Adventures. We are adding FOUR Adventures with specific destinations and using the Tok, 40- Mile Air’s mail plane seats to help keep us all on schedule.

Adventures to Fit

Here, I’ll show you what I mean,

The Chisana Glacier 5 Day Horseback Adventure

Day 1- Fly into Chisana, have lunch, sign paperwork, repack, be fitted to saddle and horse. (Your choice, after horses are fitted and gear is repacked, we can head out to camp or you may rest, have dinner at Lodge and leave for camp and Adventure after breakfast in the morning.)

Day 2- Ride to BC Glacier, explore and photograph the Glacier, mountains, wildlife and much, much more!

Day 3- Ride to the Chisana Glacier, up the “bear highway” (as we call it), explore and hike up the Glacier that was one of the routes the prospectors used during the last historic gold rush.

Wildlife roams the glacier merrain and we can pan for gold if that interests you as well.

Day 4- The Ridge Walk. We will be riding to our climbing spot, the wrangler will take our horses back to camp.

As we climb to the ridge the entire world becomes new again as it gets further and further away. We will have lunch when we reach the ridge and than we will continue the walk.

Dall Sheep, wolves, coyote, fox, eagles, even confused Alaska-Yukon Moose and Mountain Caribou walk on these ridges, even obsessed Grizzly bears!

You’ll see tracks of all of them, and we may get to photograph a few. The view and humbling height is the reward, and we will descend above our camp.

Day 5- We will pack and depart for the Lodge back to Chisana today. Showers and a wonderful home cooked meal, stories of your Adventure and a real bed!

Day 6- MAIL DAY!! (Departure) The mail plane arrives in Chisana usually between 10am and 11:30am, weather permitting!

You’ll be on your way and we will miss you and think of you time and time again.

~Have you ever missed out on something while on vacation because you just didn’t have enough time? Do you still dream of it and wish you had made time? Will you ever get another chance to experience and or see it? I would love for you to share it here, with me, with us.

Other Mini (5 Day) Horseback Adventures

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