Alaska Adventures and Editorial Calenders

Alaska, Adventures and Editorial Calenders
Merry Holidays and
Happy New Year!

With 2012 coming to a close, and Alaska Chick’s Blog coming up with it’s second birthday, I am thinking about adding a little bit of pre-planning to my life here! They call it an “editorial calender”… I’m thinking it’s a fancy word for “Greek.” (sigh) Alaska Adventures and an Editorial Calender, how does that even work?

Over the last two years (almost!), I have also shared with you the huge difference you (yes, you!) have made in my life, and through me, all of our lives at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska.

My inspiration for what I share with you, for the most part, comes straight from day-to-day living, doing what we do here in the Wrangell Mountains.

Alaska, Adventures and Editorial Calenders
Christmas Morning!

Another piece of what has made a big difference in my own self-betterment and over all life, has been so many of the quotes, some of which I have shared with you in these posts on Alaska Chick’s Blog, that have helped me assimilate the qualities that I wish to have for my own.

“Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action.” Jason Bacchetta

These quotes, from my Inspiration Boards, are pieces of who I am and help me to Stay the Path, when I am feeling washed out, used up, sucked dry or just plain uninspired. They inspire, educate and indeed, certainly motivate me into becoming a better me. With my children, Pioneer Outfitters, our Guide Trainees and you, in and on my mind all the time, I strive to be all I can for each one.

Alaska Adventures and Editorial Calender

Alaska, Adventures and Editorial Calenders
Christmas Morning.

I am all in and open for questions as to what you would like to read more about. Questions that have yet to be answered for you shy people hiding in the shadows….

We are also going to get mean with the Boss (Master Guide Terry Overly) and make him answer some too. So, if you want more from the Man in Black, holler out.

Right now, I am, what I tend to refer to as “stuck on stupid.” Which means, I had a name in mind, “Wisdom Wednesday.” So I looked it up online, and it is already there! Not as what I intended to do with it and my collected quotes, but still… now I need a new title. (That was a hint!)

Women in the Outdoors, the series I am working on to address the question and topic of women who want to get outside and closer to nature and all her gifts is my way of taking you outside and into the wild with me. Sharing the lessons that I have learned and tips and reminders to help keep you safe.

Alaska, Adventures and Editorial Calenders
Justin and my own Alaska Chick-let.

Keeping Up With the Boys, is the ongoing updates on the guide training, our Guide Trainees and the crew of Professional Guides that live in Chisana, year round. You can always tell when they are crowding me or interfering with my little bubble of peace (that would be you, here), I tend to write faster and generally all about Guide Training!

Ok. See? I have two major topics…. I try to post three times a week, and send out one to two newsletters, The Chisana News Wire (working on it as well!) every month.

Alaska, Adventures and Editorial Calenders
Blessings and Surprises!

So, I am hoping for a little input, to keep Alaska Chick’s Blog on point and subject. There is certainly a lot we can talk about, but that isn’t why Alaska Chick’s Blog is here.

I’m here to paint you a picture, of Alaska, of the wilderness and of our lives. I am here to answer questions and share with you what makes it all work when there are guests and clients with us and what keeps us going at -55* F.

What do you think of “Friday Facts”?

For example, one of the first female residents of the Chisana gold mining district, during the last historic gold rush, was a reporter from Seattle, Grace Bostwick.

Spring 1914: by Grace Bostwick “The camp is fast assuming the airs and ways of a town. Men mostly shave now, where formerly they were rough and bearded. They are also more particular about their clothing. The most interesting period of the camp…the pioneer days…when one after another of the first cabins were built, when delicacies of any sort were absolutely unknown, and when magazines and books were prizes eagerly longed for are past…There are by this time two bath tubs in the place, as there are brooms, tea kettles, and many other luxuries formerly unknown. It only remains for the eagerly anticipated strike to materialize, in which event the camp will become a bona fide town with great rapidity, even though it is said to be the most inaccessible camp yet started in Alaska.”


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  1. Looks like a fun line New Year up coming for us readers!!
    I love the Friday Facts. Wisdoms for Wednesday??? I googled that and zip, but I bet some of your more talented readers will come up with a good one!
    Whoo Hooo..a Pin It that is cool!

    It looks like you had a Fabulous Christmas, smiles all around.

    As Always ~*~

  2. LOL, Ann!
    Wednesday Women…. Women in the Outdoors, it begins this week! Friday Facts are going to be fun, I can already tell! (Did the first today) Facts about the critters, the Park, Chisana and Alaska. Gimme an actual “subject” and I’ll tell ya what I know! (Please gimme a subject! LOL)

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