Alaska Chick, Life Rule #6, Half Done is Half-Assed.

Pioneer Outfitters CrewYou can be a hero or you can be a jerk. The choice is yours. The work will be done, the training will continue, regardless. Whether you complete your task, or another does, it will be done.

It is all in the attitude. Be a hero, grin, take the task, do it better than ever before, and be the one.

Whether I am speaking to my five year old daughter, thirteen year old son, or 18, 19, 20 or 26 (or even older than myself) year old trainees, it seems this is a common discussion that has to be had on a regular basis.

~Did you wash out the sink and dishpans when you finished at your night with dishes?

~Did you check and tighten the pack saddles again, before loading the boxes on?

~Did you pick up all the ropes you cut from the bales of hay you fed to the horses this morning? Did you shake out and fold the grain bags? What about the ones “you didn’t leave laying on the ground,” did you pick those up?

~Did you take the horses all the way out to the feed area (not only part way with a push, I know you are tired…)?

~Did you help the other trainee when he was falling behind? How about when it was simply easier for you to do it?

~Are you controlling and taking responsibility for your reactions as well as your actions?

~Are you keeping your eye on the goal, to become a licensed Alaska Guide, or are you allowing the day-to-day crumble your resolve?

Pioneer Outfitters CrewMan up. Man or woman, man up. It is absolutely necessary for you be ready to take the weight. The weight of whatever today throws at you. Will you fall and curl up, give up, quit? Or will you get back up stronger, a little more balanced, a little more observant?

Self motivated. Are you moving on your own? Or waiting, each day, to be told to do the same thing you were told yesterday? A lot of what is required as an Alaska Guide, the skills required all depend on what you do with information.  What part of this profession were you under the impression, that would be simply given to you?

Pioneer Outfitters CrewSelf confidence. You are looking into becoming the best of the best. Can you be taught? Are you prepared to get stronger and be part of a team? Can you be part of something so proud, walking tall, speaking clearly and listening closely? Can you pull all that is around you, into yourself, and use it to make something stronger than you would be alone?

Enthusiasm. Becoming a licensed Alaska Assistant Big Game Guide isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. Being a licensed Assistant Big Game Guide is harder. Without enthusiasm and commitment, you will fail. You will give up. Your enthusiasm will get you right where you want to be, because you wont quit. You’ll be having too much fun.

Pioneer Outfitters Crew“Be who you say you are.” ~

If you aren’t, yet…
Work for it.
Live it.
Believe it.
Do it.
…you will be.

Do you want to be part of our Team?

Have you looked over what it takes from you, committed, to become part of the best of the best?

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