Alaska Guide, Are You Good Enough?

Here’s the thing that has been really bugging me for a while now. It’s the whole concept of “Good Enough.”  Has the job been done, good enough? Are you, good enough?

If it is “Good Enough” then no, it’s not.

“Good Enough” seems to be the lazy way to pat oneself on the back. To give yourself permission not to do a little more, not push a little further, not try a little harder.

“Good Enough” just isn’t.

It isn’t good and it certainly is no where close to being enough.

Good Enough

Yet, it seems to be a mighty chore for so many people, even some Alaska Guide Trainees, to even put forth the effort required to hit the low-bar of “Good Enough.” It is disheartening and frustrating to see this and know they will turn and look, with the big goofy grin, and fully expect a pat on the back (or more) for this bare minimum, half-assed-lame-dick-effort. ~ And ladies, this includes you. (Yes, rough language…. But I gave up using a 2 x 4 to make my point, when I became a Mother.)

Here at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska we have recently begun filming videos for Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick. (Have you seen it?!) During a recent night out at the fire, I answered a question asked by Steve Cox regarding our Alaska Guide Trainees. We chatted about the fact that at any given time here at Pioneer Outfitters, we may have Alaska Guide Trainees in their first, second or even third year of training. There is no set time it takes for an individual to be ready to become a Professional Guide and as long as they don’t give up their dream, neither will we. The most common weakness that must be faced and overcome is responsibility.

Responsibility is the cure for “Good Enough.”

Good Enough

When a Guide Trainee is ready not only to take on the responsibility on of a client or a guest in the Alaska wilderness with all of the skills and knowledge it requires and the responsibility of the reputation of the Alaska Outfitter he or she represents, but the responsibility of him or her self, then and only then, is that Trainee ready to apply for and receive the Alaska Guide License.

A Professional Guide must be able to take responsibility the job at hand, for all he or she represents and the most precious gift, another life. To be able to fully take this responsibility, one must first be able to fully take responsibility for oneself. All the decisions made, professionally and personally (ethics and integrity), all the work accomplished (never accepting “good enough” as anything less than a starting place) and all actions, reactions, words spoken; these are all parts of who we are, as individuals and this is the responsibility we must be willing to accept as Professional Guides.

Only then will “Good Enough” become the more and better we are determined to show and share with the world.

 Good Enough

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2 Responses to Alaska Guide, Are You Good Enough?

  1. I agree. Good enough is just another way to say I’m bored, I’m done, I’m ready to move on. My kids to it too. My daughter did a timeline assignment for her class tonight and upon inspection I see that four critical dates are on there but not in order. She shrugged and suggested it’s good enough. Uh, no, it’s not.

    • LOL! Alli ~ I know, oh, how I know!!
      (Is it terrible that it makes me feel so good inside to hear other Mom’s speak of their own like this??)
      Thank you Alli for being here. It always brings a smile and a lift to my heart.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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