Alaska Guide Trainees, Leading the Walk

Recently, a discussion took place that I was not part of immediately, and it was addressed accordingly, as I will share with you here. A potentially harmful, completely asinine (ok, ok, “in my opinion”) statement was directed towards Alaska Guide Trainees, NOT being any sort of a Leader, in anything, until they have years of experience, AFTER receiving their State of Alaska Big Game Hunting Guide License.


(I added a lot more to “Wrong.” in my first draft.)

Alaska Guide Trainees

Pioneer Outfitters is proud to be one of only two Alaska Guide Training programs approved by the state of Alaska. The Alaska Guide Trainees that come to us, stay, with us at Pioneer Outfitters in remote Chisana, Alaska for an average of two years becoming all they will be required to be in the Alaskan wilderness for their future clients and guests. They are already Leaders.

Alaska Guide Trainees, Leading the Walk

One of the phrases that I have coined over my own 20+ years with Pioneer Outfitters is “Walk the Talk”. We focus on the whole idea, Walking our Talk, everyday. We, and so do they, Walk that Walk every day, rain, snow, exhausted, beat-up, hot and stressed. When we play, when we work, the walk is always the same. Straight and sure. Strong and right. With care and humor. With understanding and vision.

Alaska Guide Trainees

These Alaska Guide Trainees do more than Walk the Talk. They are told they are wrong, they have “do-over” called on them, over and over again, they are pushed and they bleed. They face their fears and learn to communicate their ideas, questions, worries and their own thoughts.

There is nothing harder for the young men and women who are training to become Professional Guides, than the constant correction, repetition and seemingly endless “fails”. Good Leaders are on first name basis with Failure. They also know that it’s middle name is Perseverance.

Alaska Guide Trainees, Leading the Walk

Every Leader has followers. Every Alaska Guide Trainee has people following them. Watching their progress, cheering them on, ready to help when things get tough; every Trainee is an example for others to model and learn from.

Alaska Guide Trainees

Each of the Alaska Guide Trainees I have had the honor to meet and train with has an insatiable appetite for the knowledge and wisdom that is shared by the Professional Guides, Rangers and biologists. Further and deeper than only laws and regulations, a true understanding of the wilderness and all it holds.

The bonds formed during the time spent in training, with us as trainers and with each other, are priceless. Working side by side, each day, in tandem and in competition, in play and in the dangers offered by the unpredictable Alaskan wilds. These are relationships that will last lifetimes.

Alaska Guide Trainees, Leading the Walk

Alaska Guide TraineesA person, deciding to pursue a career and calling of a Professional Guide is, without fail, met with tolerance at best assuming it is a dream to be “outgrown” or derision at worst. This is a sad fact.

A Professional Guide Trainee must have already within, the vision to see the truth and need for they, themselves, to learn and understand the path they follow. They must already understand that to be a Professional Guide is to be a Leader in the truest meaning of the word. A protector and an advisor.

These Alaska Guide Trainees, are Leading the Walk.

Perhaps you, too, are thinking about becoming a Professional Guide. Looking for your own way, to Walk the Talk. Perhaps you too, are wondering if this is even a feasible career to pursue, for your own future.

If this is true, remember that we are here, waiting for you.

Reach out, get in touch, let’s talk.

Yes, it really is that easy.

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8 Responses to Alaska Guide Trainees, Leading the Walk

  1. there you go Amber give them Hell ,all the nay-sayers and those who really have know idea what the hell kind of perserverance these boys (and Mackenzie ) and all of you at Pioner Outfitters endure everyday 24 /7 and 365 a year!!! Dont knock it until you try it or expierence it .

    • LOL! Missy ~ Seriously.

      More like, “Walk a mile in my shoes..” Ha. No, I am not too worried about much of that having too much effect on the Trainees. I simply have no patience for deliberate ignorance.
      I am so glad our Trainees have supporters like you, Ann, Brain, Mark, Bianca and the rest.
      They (The Team) know. That’s why they are here.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. the growth and maturity the trainees attain up there is to be respected. Even if they don’t pursue a career in guiding, the team building and communication skills they develop will help them through out their lives. These young people will learn that they control their fears, and will have the confidence to help someone who may be battling their own insecurities. They will learn to focus, and in this day and age, that’s an amazing ability.

    • Bianca,
      ~Exactly. And even if they, the Trainees, don’t yet realize it for themselves, I tell this to them often.
      Take it from someone who learned it in the most drug-out, dangerous and most difficult way known to man.
      Life is really very simple.
      Walk your Talk, Always.
      Listen, with your mouth shut.
      Remember, every one is important.
      See, everything.
      Say, thank you.
      ~ That’s it! Simple, see?

  3. No better way to learn tha on the ground running!
    I’m fascinated lately by the types and temperaments of leaders and teachers. Seems to be a difference between the two. Teachers who are leaders turn out leaders who know themselves. Teachers…not so much.Working and training alongside a real leader is a priceless education.A lot to ponder. Glad you stood up for your guides!

    • Thank you for being here, Betsy.
      Your support, is important too.
      They could be YOUR Guide, someday. They need to understand that too. You, the person who would trust them to guide them safely on their Adventure of a lifetime in the wilderness of Alaska. It is just as simple and just as HUGE a fact as that.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  4. Mama Grizzly shows her stuff..Good for you..those guys and gals deserve lots of credit for aiming for the goal, whether they make it or break..the fact that they are there and doing the walk with you is a pretty incredible thing. My hats off to them, I’d trust any one of them you’ve trained to lead me in a heart beat.

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann!
      Momma Bear, indeed! They are Walking the Talk. For now it is the “Talk” that started with someone else. But they are doing it. When they are Walking their own Talk, they’ll be ready.
      Thank you for always being right here with us, every step of the way, Ann.
      It means that much to all of us, just so ya know.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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