Alaska is Heating Up

The temperatures are soaring, Alaska is heating up. The sun is high and the winds are welcome breezes, here at the top of the Chisana Valley. Down river, things are heating up there too, with two fires converging into one at the mouth of the Chisana Valley into a fire of over 25,566 acres.

Alaska is heating up

One of the most amazing things about living in Chisana, one of the most incredible things I experience with Pioneer Outfitters, are the Grizzly Bears. There is something of a special blessing, to be surrounded and to live side by side with these powerful animals.

Alaska is Heating Up

The sow Grizzly leading the way, in her un-rushed lumbering walk, the cubs following, running, tumbling; has there ever been something more wonderful to photograph and watch?

Pioneer Outfitters, since its beginning in 1924, has guided Adventurers and Big Game Hunters safely into the wilderness of Alaska on horseback in pursuit of the dreams that led them to this great land.

Living in the bush, deep inside the wilderness, we are accustomed to a way of life that includes unexpected guests of the four legged variety. Alaska-Yukon moose, Mountain Caribou, Timber wolves, fox, lynx, coyotes, a rare Mule Deer and even the mighty Grizzly Bear, walking through the yards, wandering down the trail like a neighbor invited to dinner and occasionally acting like a teenage punk, tearing things up and generally making a mess.

Alaska is Heating Up

As the fire creeps closer to the mouth of the Chisana River Valley, in the evenings we can smell the smoke in the air. A quick, last check in the Super Cub, as to where the fire was and another drama was spotted. One of Chisana’s treasured residents, Gloria McNutt, has a beautiful spot and ranch about 2 miles away. The huge mess in her beautiful yards could be seen from the air.

Young Grizzlies, on their own for the first time, exploring the world as they lumber to and from, peaking in this building, hmm, need a bigger peep-hole in this one!

My little Alaska Chick-let is now under house arrest. Well, sorta. With the Grizzlies wondering through and returning to break into buildings and spook the horses and dogs, it’s best someone so little isn’t out playing and traveling alone. It isn’t a bad thing to ask Momma or Papa or one of the Boys to walk with her and make sure she gets there, just smart.

Alaska is heating up

Alaska is Heating Up

Tempers and tensions are growing. Worries and fears seem to feed these negative reactions. The International Horseback Trip has it’s own issues, and we’ve been delayed again. As the Summer progresses, the ground thaws. The tundra, sitting upon the perma-frost melts in the relentless sunshine and makes the crossing that much more dangerous.

There isn’t much that I have learned can be done about the heat and the endless days. The Grizzly Bears cannot be reasoned with or ignored. Customs and federal vets have their own regulations and issues. Guests and clients have schedules to keep and dreams to fulfill.

Alaska is Heating Up

Alaska may be heating up, tempers may be flaring, worries, tensions and anticipations, growing and I find myself, easy. One step at a time. I am not in charge of the weather. Nope, I have never learned to dance the rain dance or the “Hole in the Sky” to make the rain stop. I love Grizzly Bears, but am unable to communicate with them. The new range horses are only my own, to sort and train, when we meet them in the Yukon.

In the middle of it all, I am right where I want to be. Choose to be. Every day, I choose to live the best life I can put out into the world and remember to thank the world and Higher Power for the opportunity. Surrounded by the best people, of all people, the people who choose to live this life, on purpose.

So, as Alaska is heating up, I am soaking in the heat to hold close for the coming Winter. Appreciating the wildness of the land and her critters and admiring the power of nature’s force. Working to keep what we hold dear safe, doing what we were made to do; be Professional Guides. Leading the way.

Alaska is Heating Up

 Alaska is Heating Up

Have fantastic Adventures this year. (Yes, you!) Explore and appreciate this great land we live on and survive with, together. But remember to be safe, always. Look, see and think. Then enjoy! (and take lots of pictures!)

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4 Responses to Alaska is Heating Up

    • Hey, there’s Miss RockHot!
      (I’ve missed you so much!)
      I’ve been keeping a close eye on the flooding of the Bow River running through Calgary. One of our Team lives there and was totally scrambling a few days ago. Just terrible.
      We are flooding as well- but ours will cause travel issues for the Adventures and Big Game Hunts if it doesn’t calm back down soon, but it will not hurt anyone as it is in Calgary.
      Holding close, don’t worry. Sun bathe? Who has time? LOL, I do my sun bathing from the back of a horse!
      Dem dam Bears is gettin’ on my last nerve tho, lemme tell ya…. just sayin…

  1. I am so printing out both those quotes on the photos!!!

    Mother Nature is testing you along with critters and everything else this year! It’ll be a year to remember! got the right idea on that Sun bathing thing..big smile..guess I’ll have to take that Jayme Gal with me when I come what a riot that would be!

    Stay Safe!

    As Always

  2. When I was little I used to do a rain dance with a mixture of water and everything black (pepper, dirt, etc) and a sun dance with everything sunshiny (salt, yellow crayons, buttercups). It must’ve been funny to watch…

    And I learned to talk to ants when I was in college. :)

    I’m pretty sure bears would never listen to me.

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