Alaska Leadership Starts with the Leader

As the tensions rises, the grip I have on my calm and vision is firm. Not too tight, that way always lays mistakes. Not loose, that way lays disaster. We discuss Leadership (daily) and all it entails, beginning always with the fact that it begins within. Leadership starts with the leader, leading him (or her!) self.

Leadership starts with the Leader

Did you shake your head? I did. (Really!) But, I am also correct. You may say to me, “Leadership begins with the people you serve.” I will reply, “No, and this is why.”

Maybe those people, that Team, has a real need for you and for your leadership, but why? Because you (or I) have shown your true self, by Walking that Talk. The people who have seen you Walking your Talk. Walking the Talk.

Leadership Starts with the Leader

A leader operates from within himself (or herself) first. Core values, vision, communicating that vision into words and actions, inspiring others with those words and actions, building and strengthening the very thing that others see as they look to be led and guided to the dream or goal.

I can only share with you what I have inside me. My own experiences and revelations. My own strengths and weaknesses. Leadership is part of me, and has been part of my nature, always. “Bossy.” “Know it all.” “Bitch.” Have you heard any of those labels? Thought they were insults? (so did I)

Leadership Starts with the Leader

Monkey See, Monkey Do was a post that I shared with you, written in the wilderness of Alaska on a Fall Big Game Hunt with the Alaska Guide Trainees of Pioneer Outfitters. Observations and that inevitable “Ahh!” moment, that comes from understanding an elusive point.

What an incredible weight, this total responsibility of preparing the Leaders, not of a distant future, but the Leaders of next years. One more year. A blink in time. Only moments really, to share with these Trainees, what has taken me years to understand.

Leadership Starts with the Leader

Leading works best when it begins from within, from the heart of a leader. A leader with clear vision. Seeing the “what is” as clearly as “what could be”. A leader that digs to find the “why” in everything and communicates the “why not” in every step.

Leadership isn’t the lack of worry, it isn’t never getting so tired that you don’t want to just curl up in a ball, sometimes, and let go. Leadership is feeling those things and pulling the strength that you need from the knowledge inside that this is the Path. The right path. The right reasons. The right direction.

Leadership Starts with the Leader

This was the internal chat I had with myself, this chilly morning. With tensions rising around me, with all that needs to be finished, attended to, all that needs to be begun and accomplished in such an amazingly short period of time.

Knowing it can all be done. Knowing it can all be done well. That’s fine. But I also know just exactly how hard it is. Every time. I have seen it break so many. “What are so many lacking?” I have asked myself. ~ That understanding, that BELIEF, in SELF. I know.

Leadership starts with the Leader

Leadership Starts with the Leader

Life, in general is about to kick into some intense, high-gear action and it is in each of us, to Walk the Walk. Leaders must be able to stand easy with self knowledge, self confidence. This is what others, those we lead, reach out for. This is all they wait to see. Someone who will lead the way.

Is it you?

Let us know…

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17 Responses to Alaska Leadership Starts with the Leader

  1. Loved your post, Amber-Lee because you speak the truth! Leadership comes first from within us and eventually radiates out towards others. If we do not have a firm grasp on who we are, what we value and what we stand for, it is virtually impossible to lead others. I adore the idea of leading from our hearts because when we do that, we can be empathetic and nurturing leaders. Thanks for the fabulous post!

    • Terri!
      Thank you for this. Sometimes I have to wonder if I am taking people along on a route solely my own. I went so long without understanding so much about so much, LOL. When I met #bealeader, it felt as if all the whirl settled down and the life we lead here in the Alaska wilderness made so much more sense for my desire and those desires I have felt from the different Teams I have been part of with Pioneer Outfitters. The desire to make a difference. The desire to Lead right and strong.

  2. I can’t imagine you ever being anything BUT a leader! The young guys and Gals you take under your wing and train have the best of the Best to lead them to their goal.
    You always amaze me with..well everything you do and take on! I know how hard you work!
    You Do! make a difference with everyone you touch be it in person or online.

    As Always


    • Well, at this exact moment in time, Ann, I have an almost overwhelming urge to use my boots for the purpose they were created for! (Kickin’ some ass) And maybe going up to the Castle and finding myself a handy 2×4 to make my point a little clearer.

    • Thank you, Jon!
      It all comes back to, comes from and is born from the leader.
      You know, I didn’t truly understand how true this was until I came online and began to learn the why’s and how’s things do or do not happen. It is inside of us all. That’s a pretty big responsibility but it is also an enormous weight of worry off some shoulders- it isn’t mostly outside forces that determine our paths- it is inside of us, it is us.
      ~ Alaska Chick

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