An Adventure is Beginning, “Riders Up!”

As the days go by, and there is so much more to do now, I find myself thinking of what I can do for you.

What can I do to make a difference in your life and day to day living.

Today again, an adventure is beginning. Want to come along?

An Adventure is Beginning

I am slowing down, compared to even two years ago. A friend of my Dad’s, Sheri, told me once (and if she told me once…), I had to start being much more careful with my body and my mind. Well, ok, she was right! (oops!)

Raking 80 acres of our compound and beautifying the grounds after a typically muddy, disgusting spring (my opinion, of course), means blisters and sore backs to most but to me it means more guests will fall all that much quicker, in love with the place which we call our home.

I thought I would share with you what will take place as our next group of guests will be arriving in a matter of days.

The Adventure beginning is into the Alaska wilderness for 10 days of riding, exploring and fun.

The guests that we are expecting are “of an age”. (I still haven’t quite figured out what that means!)

They want to just “do” a roving trip hitting as many of the special spots as they can without feeling rushed or on a schedule.

I’ll take you where I will take them, now, before nature and our own peculiarities take us in the opposite direction.

Our guests will arrive via their charter aircraft, on our airstrip late in the afternoon, before the gold shows in the evening light.

We will be there, as the door opens on the Cessna 206 that lands on our airstrip and we will greet them and the pilot as old friends.

Gathering luggage and gear, one of us will take the gear and deliver it to their cabin with the 3-wheeler (yes, it’s still running, and yes, I am waiting for the dang thing to die so I can talk the Boss into a new 4-wheeler!).

The rest of us will walk with our guests down the trail to the Lodge, answering questions, sharing little bits of us with them as they take us and this beautiful place in, sharing little bits of themselves with us.

Getting to know each other and showing our guests where everything is located (ie. corrals, shower house, the way to the Lodge from the various cabins, trails around the compound) discussing and finishing paperwork, if there is time, before dinner is served.

The next day is busy from hours before breakfast until we ride out to begin our Adventure.

Wrangling horses into the corrals from the big Last Frontier, choosing which horses would would be best for our guests, pulling out the string of pack horses, depending on which guide will be leading the trip and checking each horse over to make sure they hadn’t been up to any bad business.

Packing gear, packing groceries, pulling supplies from the store, fitting saddles to our guests and horses, loading pack-boxes and tightening them down, tightening one last time before you hear, “Riders Up!“.

As we head out, all the pressure, the tired that settled into everyone working (and waiting), the worries from home our guests bring and the anxious excitement lifts before we even get out of the compound. We are off to have an Adventure.

We’ll either head towards the Chisana River or away from it.

The choices are theirs.

By that night, tents will be pitched, the fire will be burning, the sound of horse bells will be echoing gently as the horses are turned out to feed for the night and the smell of dinner will rouse the tired appetites into conversation.

The snap of the burning logs will spark into the dim light that is about as dark as it gets in the North during the summer and the birds will quiet down as they sleep.

The air is cool enough in the evenings for a sweater or a light jacket and everyone settles back with full bellies to think and or share their thoughts.

The only decision to be made is “what shall we do tomorrow?” If it seems like too much of a choice, we can just see where the horses take us or sit around the fire and chat about it some more. Either way, an adventure has begun!

Ready? LOL, me too!

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2 Responses to An Adventure is Beginning, “Riders Up!”

  1. I always get distracted by your amazing photos. They are always interesting. Sometimes funny or just beautiful.

    I love how you describe the day when guests arrive. Sometimes when one travels they do want to know exactly what to expect, especially in such a different place than where they came from (usually).


    • Allie,
      You may become distracted by the photos….but really, they do NOT even come close, sadly, to doing it justice. Showing YOU and giving you enough for you to feel how amazing Chisana is. Every day I remind myself… and keep in mind, that I have had more than 7,300 days of this, …I remind myself that this is my life, this was my destination.

      I am glad you liked the description…I have been intensely focused on what YOU would like to know. Not just the FAQ’s, or the chapter titles, per-say, of each part of an Adventure, but how things fall into line and place with actual people. People who want to experience Alaska, folks who just want to ride or folks truly looking for a real-life Adventure that will last a lifetime.
      (Big Smiles)
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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