From the Back of a Horse in Alaska, Gift 1

A very special Alaska Guide Trainee has chosen Pioneer Outfitters to help him to be ready to professionally guide clients and guests of Alaska into the wilderness on horseback for whatever dream brings them to the great and wild North. Teioahkwathe Rob Lahache, originally from Kahnawake, Quebec and most recently from Calgary, Alberta, I personally met Rob through FaceBook when I first began to dip my toe into the Social Media waters in 2011. Dall Sheep and the great untouched wilderness were the topics that brought us together and forged the first bonds of friendship between us. From the Back of a Horse in Alaska are a preview of sorts of a grand project in the making, a book that Rob is working on now, inspired by his many hours spent in the saddle, here in Chisana, Alaska.

Rob began his official training with Pioneer Outfitters in late July of this year (2013). When he left us this Fall, at the end of our Fall Season, Rob shared with me that he was committed to writing the book that had been pulling at him for so long. Life On The Back of a Horse (that may change!) is a book that pulls at Rob to be shared, thoughts and insights that have come to him through honest and sometimes brutally painful introspection and observations. Observations of himself, his own actions and reactions and those of the world that he lives in. The appreciation of the history and heritage that we have all come from and a deep love of what nature herself has to offer us all.

With no further words, I am proud to offer you the first Gift. Gift, because both Rob and I agreed that these insights and understandings were and are for us all, and right there, where ever we happen to be. Gifts, to be seen and understood, offered by nature to us all, simply by seeing them surround us.

From the Back of a Horse in Alaska, Gift 1

Horse in Alaska

I have pushed my mortal life to the max at times. Leaving so much of the physical in the field that life at that moment became out of body. Living on the threshold of two worlds, in tune with the otherness. At one with all living energy around me. ~Teiorahkwathe~

Please be sure to keep watch for more of From the Back of a Horse, Gifts, for more insights and preview snippets of Rob’s book! Most, if not all, of Rob’s phenomenal photos were taken with his iPhone! LOL, when he was questioned about all the camera equipment that no one ever saw out in the open, he would focus “the hairy eyeball” on me and just mumble something about having all he could handle with his Lady ~ Tiny.


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4 Responses to From the Back of a Horse in Alaska, Gift 1

  1. Big Smile here..I know how totally Awesome this is going to be!

    Oh that “Lady Tiny” stole his heart.

    As Always ~*~

    • LOL, I know! (Tiny)
      It’s funny cause I also know that he didn’t start out feeling as he does now! (No one ever does!) He figures they came to an understanding…. (snickering)… I figure she finally got him trained properly!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Yay! Yay Rob!
      It will be a very special book, as any of Rob’s friends and anyone that has ever seen his status updates on Face Book, already know.
      ~ it was pretty special having him here, in person, this fall. I am just sorry I missed most of it. But he’ll be back in the Spring and that will help the winter pass a little easier I think.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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