Behind the Scenes at Pioneer Outfitters

We have Meet the Team right here, on our website, so you can see us, know who we are and where we come from. Taking you, behind the scenes. Behind the scenes, and into our lives. The roles we play as part of the Pioneer Outfitters Team and indeed, the part we play in the world.

Behind the Scenes

We have spoken about asking the hard questions. We have made a real effort, in making it easier to get to know us. Really know us. Not just the “game face,” but the real thoughts and passion that inspire us.

As Professional Guides, we consider very seriously the position that places each of us, as individuals and as a team, in with our presence.

A Guide. A person who advises, directs or shows the way. A leader. Companion. Guard. Escort.

The idea behind the information that is shared on this website and across the internet, is to allow you to know us. The reality is that it is very simple. This is who we are. (Truth tends to be easy!)

So, with this in mind, I found myself wondering how one can go about seeing inside another person. Then, as we were sitting around the fire one night, I thought of the answer! Questions.

Behind the Scenes

Questions! Yes, I have the wonders of the internet at my fingertips. Each week, one of us will spin the wheel of chance and answer a random question. From the heart, from the mind.

The questions that no one can ask. The tough questions. Th questions that are too bold, too embarrassing or just too difficult to ask someone, out loud.

Questions like What living in the wilderness has taught me:

  • To Survive.
  • To Have Faith.
  • The Difference Between Courage and Ignorance.
  • To Be Honest.
  • To Be Humble.
  • To Believe in Me.

Questions like not simply what A Professional Guides Values are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Morality
  • Self-Discipline

* But, what these things really mean to us, as individuals. How thinking about them, because we are asked to think about them, mean to us, what they mean to us as Professional Guides, what they mean to us as individuals of all humanity and what they mean to us as leaders of our own lives.

Behind the Scenes

A look into people, just like you. People with hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses. People with fears and heartaches. People with hearts and souls. People with triumphs and passion.

Behind the Scenes:  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro Team Guides are Professional Guides in the truest sense of the words. They are the ones that no matter how bad things get, (and there are days they can get pretty bad… and then they can get really bad) can keep you going, keep you safe and later, when you are finally at the end of everything, your patience, your endurance, you just put on your last pair of dry socks and stuck them into a puddle of water- in your boots ~kind of “at the end”, can build a big fire, feed you till you burst and make you laugh at everything you just went through.

There is a downside to the Extreme Pro Team Guides… this would be “The Ugly” part of the name they were given so long ago that there are numerous stories where it came from.

The downside, “The Ugly” is the bragging rights. All Professional Guides have it, and use it, but the Extreme Pro Team Guides revel in it, enjoy it, write about it, talk about it, share it…. and most of the time, it’s all on film, so they share it, world wide. “If you live through it, you have bragging rights”

Behind the Scenes

With Behind the Scenes, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is going to step up. We are going to dig. We are going to look deep and share with you, what we find.

Behind the Scenes will be included in the monthly Chisana News Wire. When you subscribe to our Chisana News Wire (“Keep in the loop with Pioneer Outfitters”), it will automatically be sent to you, via email each month, when new Newsletters are posted. Easy to stay informed! Be the first to hear about New Specials and keep up with Guides on Adventures, Excursions and Hunting Trips! It also gives you an insider’s perspective on Alaska’s future guides, with Keepin’ Up With the Boys, updates on the Survival & Guide Training program and Alaska Guide Trainees.

We have 3 (three) books (A,B,C)of questions that these Behind the Scenes questions will come from.

Blind choosing of three like wise, blind judges.

Each Blind judge will pick random combinations of each book, page number, question number. (Equaling 3 Questions to offer the Team Member chosen to answer.)

The Team member chosen to respond for that month must choose to share his or her thoughts on one of the three offered questions.

The order of the Team members will be revealed in the May 2013 Chisana News Wire with the first Question.

The addition and plan for Behind the Scenes is going to take us through the end of 2013, We plan to add videos to compliment Behind the Scenes as well. (sigh)

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10 Responses to Behind the Scenes at Pioneer Outfitters

    • Two peas in a pod, I’d say.
      YOU work HARD!! That was one HELL of an education for me, the other day. Thank you for being so gentle with me, LOL!
      Let’s do this thing, shall we?
      And get on with taking over the world!

  1. This is going to be fun! (for those of us reading). I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

    As Always ~*~

    • Yeah, That is what I keep telling the Team! (I think they believe I am joking!)
      Thank you for your unwavering support and help with all my crazy skeems (huh? sp?)!
      Want to see what you three ladies were picking from?
      Book A (The KIDS Book of Questions), Book B (The Book of Questions) and Book C (If… Questions For the Soul)
      Love you bunches!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • (Blush)
      Aww, Dave.
      I really can’t tell you how much that means to me. I am just trying my best to be, with the written word, who I am in real life.
      It matters a lot that you stopped by!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • LOL, Jen!
      There is a method to my apparent madness! (honest)
      #1 We have a website with a blog and by george they can help! LOL
      #2 As Professional Guides, keeping a thorough journal is not only about to become a law, here in Alaska- While, of course they are in the field, but it is incredibly handy for reference and back up.

      I have had our Alaska Guide Trainees write for Alaska Chick’s Blog in the past, but I think this will be a positive on all accounts, for all of us as well as the folks reading.

      Thank you for being here, Jen!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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