Behind the Scenes: One Last Gift for Kaleb Kiper

Our Alaska Chick has recently given the entire Team, including Master Guide Terry Overly, a list of eight random questions chosen from unknown participants. We, the Team, have to pick specifically one of the eight questions that interest us the most. We are then expected to each write about our own thoughts on the question chosen for Pioneer Outfitters next blog series, Behind The Scenes.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is mainly about showing the world exactly who we are as the Pioneer Outfitters Team, along with getting to know us a little more individually.

Pioneer Outfitters has also put together several videos to show what it is we actually do here in the woods no matter time of the year. The purpose of the videos is not only to see the faces and interaction of the Pioneer Outfitters Team, but to help people figure out which adventure would best be suited for them. Whether it’s freezing your ass off on a snowmobile, trapping at -50*F below zero, for those hard core guys willing to test themselves or just looking for a family horseback adventure through the Wrangell Mountains, we do it all. We are Pioneer Outfitters.

Ever since I was a young boy staying up late with my grandfather watching countless episodes of well-known hunters like Jeremy Shockey, Michael Waddell, Ted Nugent, Bob Foulkrod and let’s not forget Fred Bear, who if you’re a bow hunter, you know him as a legend. Then on top of all that, watching home videos over and over again of family members taking that once in a life time shot until I would again fall asleep with my bow in hand, dreaming of one day having my own shot of a life time. I knew in those moments, even at such a young age, that I wanted to become a Professional Big Game Guide.

My question! “Would you be willing to never again get any gifts or surprises if instead you could just ask for one thing you wanted and have your parents immediately buy it for you, and what would it be?”

Behind the Scenes

Being raised as an only child, I’ve gotten lots of gifts and surprises due to a hard working mother and generous family, that made sure I wanted for nothing. I guess you could say I was a little spoiled. So would I be willing to give up another gift or surprise for just one last thing? Absolutely.

The one last thing I would ask for from my parent would be to buy me an airplane; preferably a Super Cub. Why would I want Super Cub, you may wonder. A Super Cub is a bad ass little airplane that has a lot to offer in the guiding industry.

Having a Super Cub (and learning to fly it like a bush-pilot), I feel would make me more of a valuable asset as a Professional Guide. That alone to me, is important because it means that I would be more useful to an Outfitter then just simply, another guide. All the knowledge I would surely gain in the process of learning about airplane engines, about weather conditions and patterns that must all be taken into consideration when it comes to flying and the proper techniques it takes to become an Alaska bush pilot.

Behind the ScenesThinking about this question in depth takes my mind in a million different directions and has opened my eyes to all the hard work and dedication that I will have to put forth to one day owning my own airplane. Tying this into my life in Chisana if I had an airplane would give me the opportunity to give back to what the Pioneer Outfitters family has given me, which is the experiences and knowledge to have this chance of getting my Alaska Guide license.

What I mean by giving back, is that I could help Master Guide Terry Overly fly in supplies for the Outfit or even fly supplies and equipment out to some of the nearby camps to help with the many preparations for the seasons ahead.

Why this question matters to me as a Alaska Guide Trainee, is because it has helped me in more than just one way but mainly helped me motivate myself to keep striving for my childhood dream and to hopefully become a well-known big game guide such like Master Guide Terry Overly. I look up to Terry because of all he’s accomplished; even though some said it couldn’t be done. I too, want to achieve great things in this world that people say cannot be done.

~ All I can think of, re-reading this post one more time, is a quote by Abraham Lincoln.  “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Good luck during your second year in the field, my friend. Good luck & safe adventures. ~ Alaska Chick

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10 Responses to Behind the Scenes: One Last Gift for Kaleb Kiper

  1. You are very driven and focused on your goals and dreams Kaleb. This has alwyas been your nature and it will serve you well as you embark on this lifelong endeavor. ALWAYS believe what you strive for IS coming true; it is there that you will find what you desire. I know it means a lot to you, and you have what it takes to succeed (even if your mom can’t buy you a plane – – and we know she would if she could lol!). Oh, and “wow”! that is a mighty big horse you are riding, Morgan and I are proud of you!

    PS – Love to see that beautiful bright smile, we miss it. Glad you are keeping up the good dental hygiene, lol!

  2. Kaleb! What a great piece of writing! And what a dream you have! Once you have pictured something and know that it is an integral part of your unique way of serving and being a stronger member of your community, AND it makes you want to sacrifice everything to get it, AND you don’t consider it a sacrifice but a joy and a blessing, THEN you know…it’ll come. Step by step.
    P.S. I just learned to drive a stick and have my own little car for the first time in my life. Now my boss uses me and I’m soooo grateful!! I thought of you learning to fly a plane. HA! What fun!!

    • Betsy thank you so much for the positive feed back on my post and I am glad you enjoyed it.Learning how to drive a stick is not a easy task for some so the fact that you over came the obstacle is a great accomplishment.

  3. Way to go Kaleb..Always shoot for the this case Sky High!
    You’ll be a Great Guide and I’m betting an Awesome Bush Pilot!!

    As Always ~*~

      • You are very welcome Kaleb. It’s been my pleasure to support you all and especially watch you all grow as guides.


  4. Kaleb- Can’t tell you how pleasing it is to see that your dreams are becoming a reality. I remember at school you expressed the desire to be a hunting guide, but it’s not often that we get to hear that things have worked out for former students. You have many reasons to be proud of yourself. And your writing is terrific. I’m envious of the exciting life you have chosen and worked for! Best of luck to you.
    Mrs. Steele

  5. Kaleb! wow, what an awesome update on what your life is like and your dreams! i just talked to your mom 2 weeks ago, and then Bruno was forwarded this website from Coach Watkins. Your mom was beaming, telling me about what you are up to, it sounds like you are in a perfect spot, meant for you! We are so proud of you and so happy for you! wow, memories….remember the wrestling weekend? ahhhhhh…i still have pictures……and spring break…? I remember that was a trip that your mom was so thrilled that she could take you on. I have never seen her so relaxed! :) (except for that lost tooth issue… )
    I love hearing the updates, we are so proud of you! keep in touch, stay out of trouble (that’s the mom in me!), and have fun. you are, and always will be, special to us….Bruno and Rhonda

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