Behind the Scenes with Coso in Alaska

Please allow me to introduce you to one of Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainees, Costen “Coso” Smith. Coso is next up on our Behind the Scenes series, allowing you to know more about the Team in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters.

Coso arrived in Chisana, January of 2013 to begin his Alaska Guide Training. He is from Michigan and has a wicked sense of humor to the unwary. So without further delay, please make welcome in your lives, Coso.

Behind the Scenes

My best friend since 2nd grade once had said to my “you are one of a kind, there is no other “Coso.” From that statement it made me think that I cannot be comfortable around others and be “normal.” The most difficult thing that about myself to be changed would be my personality, I believe that the “weird as hell” part of me makes me who I am.

When I first read this question, “If you had to name the one thing about yourself that would be the most difficult to change, what would it be?” it made me think about what makes me who I am, my quirks, my strengths and my weaknesses.

Behind the Scenes

After a short time of thinking about how to answer this random question, I couldn’t help but think about when I was told that I am one of a kind. It made me feel that I did not act, feel, or see things the same way as other people I grew up with. After reading this question it led me to go deeper into my mind and past, of what is the one thing that I would never want to change.

After meeting a few guides, during my training so far, they are all unique in their own way. It made me think to be a different type of person/guide you must be different in your own way, make people wonder about you, to the point that they are curious to know what you are about.

Behind the Scenes

To grow up, in my own opinion, you should think about many things good and bad, about your future and past, your strengths and weaknesses and living in the woods really gives you time to do that. I wouldn’t say that I need to work on my personality but to be more wise would make it that much better.

To be a good Professional Alaskan Guide, you have to be able to connect with your hunter but also stay true to your self, you must be loyal to your ethics, the regulations and always do the right thing. To be professional you must remember what you were taught, and never give into weakness. I believe that I have a strong personality, and I have learned that to be a successful Professional Alaska Big Game Hunting Guide, you must have a strong personality and maybe even a “one of a kind” personality.

Behind the Scenes

I would have to say that there is something in everyone that makes them who they really are. I heard a few times in my life  ~ that everyone has their own gift and it takes some longer than others to find out what it is. Whenever I am reminded of this, I find myself thinking, “What is my gift, will I ever find it, or have I already found it?”.

Corinthians 15:10  ~ But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them- yet not I, but the grace.

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9 Responses to Behind the Scenes with Coso in Alaska

  1. Pretty profound thoughts, one that many of us have even in later years. “But by the Grace of Gad I am what I am”. Learning to embrace that does honor to him, and trust in his plan for you. I’m pretty sure that he wants you to shave your beard though…..

    • LOL! We ALL know that the fuzz will only last till the young one heads home the first time!
      Ha! What a great post Coso! Well done.
      It takes a great deal of strength to remain who you really are and not be swayed by the “Norm.”
      ~ It’s a good journey. I am glad you are part of it.

  2. Very well said Coso.
    It sure sounds like you have the right attitude and desire to succeed.
    I’m thinking you have a wicked sense of you give Amber a run for her money..she’s got one for sure..Oh..maybe you didn’t know *Snort
    I’ll be looking forward to hear more from you!

    ~*~ AJ

    • I really take pride in having a good attitude and stay away from letting any anger showing. Many red heads are known for their bad temper. I would have to say i got pretty lucky.

  3. Very good insight. Everybody has something that makes us unique, one of a kind and yes, limited edition. Stay true to yourself and be yourself. Doing tis, you will find who your true friends are. Awesome to see someone from the upper-Midwest. GO BIG RED;)

  4. Thank you “Husker fan”. I never want anything, or anyone change who I am. I was told before I came up here to stay true to my self and just keep being me. It’s good to here it from a new name. I would also have to say GO GREEN!!

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