Best Alaska Retreat, Our Spiritual Retreat

Alaska RetreatRiding across the saddle between the two peaks of the big mountain, I wonder to myself, “do they feel it?” An Alaska retreat, the touching of the soul.

The mountains themselves watch us as we travel along their bases. They observe our efforts as we walk, climb and struggle up their faces.

The water so very cold, so very dangerous, is so beautiful, sparkling off the rocks, tumbling this one or that as it finally washes enough gravel away from it.

Looking into the eyes of the Alaska-Yukon Moose that has never seen a human. Then, looking into a Grizzly Bear’s eyes. Feeling the contact, physically, knowing that there is nothing there that is civilized, nothing tame, nothing familiar, in that touch across a distance.

Feeling the air around you swirl and almost wrap you in it’s embrace. Pushing you along, pulling you into its depth to cleanse you from any outside concern, blowing away everything except the next step.

Are you ready for an Alaska Retreat that will really touch you?

I wonder to myself, “do they feel it?” The mountains and rivers and the wild critters and air change that piece inside each of us, gives something extra to us.

Pioneer Outfitters has roots intertwined with the native elders of the Athebaskin Indians that lived here in Chisana from the time of the last historic gold rush in the early 1900’s. The history of Medicine Man Mountain and the truth of the area is the inspiration of our Spiritual Retreats.

The renewal of some inner force that lives with us all has a physical and mental impact on people that visit. The incredible beauty, the absolute perfection of nature herself, is undeniable. Without realizing it, you are immersed in the  surroundings.

Untouched always, the land Pioneer Outfitters guides will lead you through is as it was made. Undisturbed by “progress” and protected as our nation’s largest Park, your eyes may be the first to see what ever it is that catch them.

Have you thought of a Spiritual Retreat? Are you ready to experience what Pioneer Outfitters can lead you to? (Contact us!! We’ll get you going!)

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