The Best Experience To Have, Ever

We all reach for a goal or a dream. When we are children it may be Christmas or it might be simply being a grown up.

The Holy Grail for each of us as adults, however, is as individual as we are.

Doctor, teacher, lawyer, consultant, movie star, a Mother or Father, a shop-keeper or an author; we all have that one experience we live our lives for.

That one experience, the best experience to have, ever is the one I discovered for myself in Alaska. The best experience to have, ever, for anyone might just be very similar to the one I found for myself.

The Best Experience to Have, Ever

What is this “best experience” I speak of? For anyone, in any career or calling, the best experience to have, ever, is the experiencing the joy and satisfaction of sharing our knowledge, experiences and wisdom with someone else.

For me, it is sharing the joy of a horse and this land we call home.

One of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced with Pioneer Outfitters is the feeling that comes from teaching someone to ride.

Not the fussy, step-by-step lessons of grooming or saddling, but actually riding a horse. Sitting three feet above the people standing on the ground, on the top of such a beautiful and powerful animal.

Learning to sit and be strong there, in your saddle. Learning to control the animal. Learning to become partners with that animal.

Learning that there is nothing that cannot be done or understood from that seat.

Feeling the horse’s strong legs with each step, feeling his body, under the saddle, carrying you through the air.

His strength and confidence bolstering my own. His attention to movement, shadows and scents, reminding me to see. To see, what he sees, to feel the wilderness around me.

Knowing so many of my own shortcomings vanish when I sit in the saddle.

Stronger, smarter, more gentle, more relaxed, knowing on that intimate level, I am no longer alone or on my own.

Sharing that with someone who has never felt that freedom or exhilaration is an almost impossible feeling to put into words.

Someone who might be afraid. Maybe not so much the horse, himself, but afraid of the possibilities, the awakening of their own senses.

Learning to ride and handle a horse, not in a corral or arena, but in the wilderness with horses that spend most of their lives running free with the Grizzly Bears and Mountain Caribou.

Guiding someone new into this great and untamed land on horseback, knowing when that person leaves, they will take with them the experience and knowledge of what they have done and enjoyed.

Knowing they will remember snapshots of memories, of the horses and maybe even of us.

That is the best experience to have, ever.

Experience something special with Pioneer Outfitters.

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