Blessings Blind

Blessings BlindAre you “Blessings Blind”? Is the pain too much to see through? Is the shame layered on too thick to catch a glimpse? Is your heart break too important to spare an acknowledgement of the blessings?


You are wallowing. Really.

The blessings that are everywhere I look, haven’t always been there for me. They only started appearing when I began to look for them. The more I look, the bigger they get! Not only that, but see one and there is bound to be a dozen you haven’t noticed yet!

Blessings BlindBlessings rarely (if ever) will look like a burlap bag tied at the top, sitting on your dining-room table to spill out gold coins when you untie it. (I know, bummer.)They may be as simple as the light shining through the trees, glistening on the fresh snow. They may be as important as a call for a job after months of being out of work. They may appear as the telephone ringing, and answering it you may find an old friend that you haven’t heard from in years, because of some hurt feelings on some part and it had seemed simpler to just let go.

Things are hard for people everywhere right now. For some, things have been really hard for what seems like the beginning of time. Everything I listen to on the news and from other people who pay much closer attention than I, says it isn’t going to “get better” anytime soon.

Blessings BlindWow. Ok. Well, since there isn’t a damn thing I can do about the lack of money in the world, I decided to do what I can do.

I can be there. I can keep the Faith, and Stay the Path. I can share my life with you (and as many people as I can reach) and try to convey to you that you are not alone. In your troubles, in your joys, in your life. I know this! How? Because you are here, reading this. I am here, too. You are not alone.

I don’t want to harp at you or preach to you, but I will ask you to find one thing today. One thing, to think to yourself, “That is special.” Now, once you do, change that from “that is special” to “a Blessing!” Do this every day… actually, bull. Do this as often as you can, every day, starting right this minute. Believe it. If you find that you simply cannot just “believe it,” that’s ok. Just keep searching and finding those blessings, the simple and easy ones to spot. Keep thinking to yourself “Blessing.”

Blessings BlindYou (or myself, him or her) are not supposed to be able to handle it all! Really! We are in “this” together, you, her, him, them and myself. You have me… There are others too, ready to help, ready to listen, to hear you, to see you, to cheer you or simply just be there.

Open your eyes, but most importantly, open your heart. Let us in, let me in. I will show you the blessings I see until you are strong enough to see them for yourself.

I spent hours searching, throughout my books, online and even asking my online friends to help me find something I know I read at some point. I searched my Bible, devotionals, and my inspiration pages… I couldn’t find what I was looking for but I know it left a mark inside me.

Blessings BlindThe passages I did find are not the ones I was looking for, but they may remind you that we are not in this alone… we have Him and we do have each other. I found Exodus 18:18 and Luke 12:22-40.

That was one of the first things that being online taught me… was that I wasn’t alone. Not in my worries, not in pain, not celebrating, not even the frustration of trying to learn so much so fast… there were people out there that were feeling the same, had dealt with the same, could understand and help me, even if it was sending a smiley face my way.

Ok, yes this one was a bit of preaching… but I save it for when the need is the greatest! Try to bare with me and have a blessed holiday season.

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6 Responses to Blessings Blind

  1. Oh girl, this is sooo up my alley!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! You’re spot on here and no we’re not in this alone … at all. We find strength in one another and common ground in our struggles. Often in our deepest despair, we find the most amazing glory … the blessing and hat’s what we should seek … the blessing!

    This is a gem of a post Amber-Lee! Thank you so much for sharing this and this part of you (I love it!!)! You have countless gifts; countless blessings that you bestow on so many … you’re goodness in this crazy world!

    Peace to you and yours,


    • Ha! I KNOW I have hit it when I can get you excited, Elena!

      I only wish I had the words to really-really explain (so I can give this BELIEF) this to a friend of mine… (wont go near the scary computer!) I am so glad this post touched your heart.

    • Ann,
      I’ve said it so many times, but I must, again. YOU have made me strong enough. YOUR love, support, help and belief in me… You are my blessing, over and over again, and I never need reminding of that one. All that has to happen is that evil lizard creeps up behind me and whisper a hint of negative or undermining b.s. in my ear, POOF! That quick, all I have to do is think of you… and I can keep my mind on the goal. You give me strength to Stay the Path.

  2. What a great reminder to actively look for the blessings all around us, and not go through life “blessings blind”. Some of my blessings…the bright smile of my daughter and her carefree delight when I get silly with her, the cool breeze in my face as I ride my motor scooter on a hot day, the rich green of rice fields just over the wall surrounding my house, . (By the way, I live in Indonesia.) And a few blessings I have to try a bit harder to see. Such as the startling barking sound of a large gecko that has taken up residence in my house. The blessing…he eats mosquitoes. Thanks Greg the Gecko.

    • Julie, I am so glad you visited!

      Indonesia! Wow! (My first friend in Indonesia!)

      I agree, and have often said, if we could just bottle the children’s delight laugh, all the world would be cured of anything bad or evil. I remember living in Hawaii, the geckos that would move in! LOL, I don’t remember any of them BARKING though! Blessings on Greg and you and yours, Julie. I hope I’ll see you again.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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