Your Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt

It is no joke and it certainly is no exaggeration: We have Grizzly Bears.

Our Fall Big Game Hunting Season typically runs from the beginning of August through the first week in October.

Last year, all of that changed.

Now, October is all about Grizzly Bears.

We are accepting 4 (FOUR) incredibly lucky Big Game Hunters who wish to harvest an Alaskan Grizzly Bear.

So, if you are looking for an Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt, you are in the best place!

Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt

Grizzly Bear Hunt


Pioneer Outfitters is the right choice for your Alaska Grizzly Bear hunt because of the following five reasons.

  • As one of the only areas in Alaska a hunter is permitted to harvest a Grizzly Bear each year instead of every four years (or every two years), we have the population of Grizzly Bears to support this harvest.
  • Surrounded by glaciers and glacial ice and the rugged looming mountains creates the cool winds that always blow, assuring the long silky coats of the Grizzly Bears are always prime.
  • The color phases of the Grizzly Bear range from the Toklat Bear, with the light, golden blond coat and a dark chocolate face and feet to the darkest black. The Grizzly bear of your dreams can be found here in Chisana.
  • As horseback Big Game hunters we have an incredible advantage. Covering much more territory with ease, packing a comfortable camp where ever we go, crossing icy waters and boggy ground safely and while staying dry as well as the incredible advantage of being able to see so much more from the back of your horse while traveling from one point to the next.
  • Pioneer Outfitters has been hunting Grizzly Bears in the Chisana Valley since 1924 on horseback. You just can’t find more or any better experience than that.

When it comes to Grizzly Bears, for us they are a part of our daily lives, spring through the fall until they go to bed for the winter months.

At Pioneer Outfitters, our goals are to help you to achieve your dream, assure your safety and make sure you enjoy every minute of your Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt and the Alaskan wilderness.

We begin by glassing where we know the food is. In October they will be eating the left over wild Blue Berries, Bear-berries (Soap berries), roots, gut piles and Ground Squirrels that are found in abundance in the mountainsides and meadows.

We conduct spot and stalk hunts, which can include a lot of riding, hours of glassing and moments of pure adrenalin and excitement!

“It has been said the when a tree falls in the forest a Deer hears it an Eagle sees it and a Bear smells it.” ~ Master Guide of Alaska speaking at Guide Board meeting.

Alaska contains over 98 percent of the United States population of brown bears, and more than 70 percent of the North American population.

This is Your Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt!

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Be sure you Contact Us as soon as possible so you don’t miss your spot!

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