The Courage to Lead

As the year began, my own journey took on a deliberate focus, to Be Fearless.

In all my choices, thoughts and actions, in all my business and personal dealings, with strangers as well as my own family, I would be fearless.

Courage by definition is the ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief.

Throughout these past months much time has been devoted to delving deeply into what it truly means to be fearless, to be a better Professional Guide and to be a stronger leader to our Team.

It had to be asked. Do we have the courage to lead?

The Courage to Lead

Courage to Lead

The Courage to Lead

Using the insights gained from others as well as my own commitment to understanding exactly how to better lead my own Team and to help those we lead to better serve others; we have discovered that this was more than the traits, virtues and characteristics in a nifty list, neatly checked off and practiced daily; it was to act with courage and to be fearless in every moment.

Courage is one of those words that people generally use to describe acts of heroism or as a trait to be valued in our military or rescue personnel such as firemen or policemen.

The dictionary definition of fearless is simply lacking fear.

For myself, to be fearless is not the lack of fear but the refusal to allow fear to have any power over my own actions or reactions.

For me, the two words, courage and fearless, are synonymous.

The Courage to Lead

Everything there is about being a Professional Guide as well as courage begins in one place. It is found inside of each of us.

From the first: one decides, is asked or is chosen to step forward, and there it begins.

It requires courage to:

Embrace all that is inside us. The worry and fear that we may not be perfect or enough are false thoughts ~ we were never meant to be perfect and what we each have inside of us is necessary and vital to others.

To lift others up so that they too can not only learn and grow stronger by what we share with them, but also grow stronger than ourselves and lead others further. It also takes even more courage and fearlessness to allow others to empower us, to help us, to teach us.

To find the strength in ourselves to keep going and to not be swayed or worn down by struggles, difficulties and lack of support. Remaining strong in your purpose and to carry the load without allowing the blows to dull your shine.

Not to be led or herded onto a quick-fix path or one less ethical simply because it looks to be a shortcut. It takes that courage and fearlessness to stand your ground for what is right and to not give way.

To remain connected with others when it seems as if there simply isn’t enough time in the day or enough of you to go around. To be engaged with others that are really the foundation of what makes you strong and the fuel that drives you.

To be fully in the now and see what is happening around you. It may feel at times that doing so pulls you away from the goal but what is important to remember is that the awareness and the moments we are living as we work, struggle and gain ground towards the goal are every bit as precious and important for tomorrow as the work we carry out.

To be exactly who we say we are. To show the world that we are not perfect, bulletproof and that we too can hurt. It takes courage and fearlessness to stand up tall and let others see who we are, scars and all.

To admit the mistakes we make, when we drop the ball or when we come up short. It takes courage and fearlessness to hold true to the responsibility of being trusted to do what is right.

To genuinely listen to others and to see what they too have to offer. Understanding that our entire lives and purpose are to learn and to gain experience from others as well as what comes from within us, takes courage and fearlessness.

To become more than we were yesterday. It is a courage the lies within us all. It is a courage that can be shared with others and it is a gift both to ourselves and to the world we live in.

The Courage to Lead

We allow those near us physically and those we touch with our words or work to become stronger and more confident in both our leadership as well as their own abilities.

We find even more courage from the daily blessings that are all around as we stay aware of the moments.

The courage tapped allows us to grow into our own potential.

It allows our acceptance and transparency of who we are today as we grow and learn to be more and better tomorrow.

Mistakes are simply more lessons to share, not dark secrets that only lead to more darkness.

Now you:

~ In what circumstance have you relied upon your own courage?

~ Have you ever relied upon another person’s courage to see you through a difficult or complicated time?

~ Where do you find courage when your own is tired, worn down or confused by the responsibilities or demands placed on you?

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

~ Winston Churchill


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