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Come on over! It is a beautiful night, or at least it is when the clouds don’t move back in. Tonight, “Joey Kangaroo”, Alaska Guide Trainee Joe Peyton and my handy-dandy cameraman so kindly agreed to help me even more by coming up with our topic for tonight!

Adventure Answers

Come join us!

Pretty nifty, eh? Especially, as was pointed out after the last Campfire Chat, now that I have finally figured out how not to scare you out of your chair with the volume differences in the finished videos! (giggling to myself…)

Alright! Yes, we are pretty excited about the scheduled guests for the Horseback Adventures this coming summer and doing everything we can to prepare for the most fantastic season yet.

As I was reminded not too long ago, you can just never go over the details too many times. I thought the questions, Adventure Answers and points that we covered were spot on too, especially for someone still searching for that perfect Adventure vacation.

Adventure Answers

A few other points that I think should be added are a few other questions that have come up in recent discussions with a couple of this year’s guests.

After a person decides that Pioneer Outfitters is the right choice, I send them via snail mail a “Welcome Packet”. This Welcome Packet includes our brochure, the contract and insurance forms (because of the horseback riding) that have to be read and filled out (most are simply signatures), an introduction to who and where we are, helpful tips, contact numbers for hotels, a check list and a packing list.

The reason that I bring this up is that sometimes the packing list is a source of worries and concerns for some people. It shouldn’t be! I am almost always sitting right here and happy to answer any question that you might want answered or simply clarified.

Adventure Answers

Here are a couple of the recent questions:

Your knife (pocket knife). If you have a hunting knife that you wear on your belt, that you prefer, that is ok! We do not have a blade limit and as long as your favorite knife isn’t a switchblade or a gravity knife you are good to go. Now, I do not know about what kind of rules you might have to deal with at the airport, but I would think if it is packed, you would be ok.

Here is the point of having a knife on the packing list: safety. You just never know when having your knife, on you and easily accessible (please notice that I do not say “in your back pack or tent”). And hey, you might want to sharpen your own stick and roast a marshmallow!

Since we are chatting here about weapons, let us also chat about bringing your own firearm. Be it a sidearm or a rifle, you are certainly allowed to bring one. Please know, your guide will have his or her own rifle and possibly even a sidearm with them at all times. The question about bringing a firearm was put in a manner that concerned me however. It was being considered because well meaning friends were concerned about being in such a remote and wild place. (Good thoughts, mind you) My concern was that this particular guest was considering borrowing a gun for the trip and was only mildly familiar with it and had rarely used one to begin with.

Please allow me to be clear and by no means offensive. Your guide will definitely be armed. Please do not bring a firearm that you are not familiar and accustomed to. This could be dangerous on too many levels. Now, I am not speaking of anywhere else, besides Pioneer Outfitters, mind you, but our guides #1 (stress, NUMBER ONE) priority is to keep you safe.

Now, on that note, I can share with you that we have had guests ask to shoot and be taught to shoot and handle weapons while here with us, this is not that unusual actually. Master Guide Terry Overly is a wonderful teacher and always has time to share his knowledge with any of our guests.


And believe it or not, almost every single female guest asks this question. (So, please do not think any question is silly or too embarrassing to ask. They are not. What is silly and could be embarrassing is to find out later that are completely expected and acceptable questions!)

Adventure Answers

“Bathroom break!” “Where’s the head?” (That is military talk) “What do we do, if we have to go to the bathroom and we are out in the open?”

As for bathroom questions ~ don’t be embarrassed! LOL, it is something we all must attend to. Here, in Chisana we have outhouses all over the place- located conveniently close to the various different cabins and at the barns. Out in camp- we usually have a potty seat somewhere nearby but removed from sight, and otherwise- we just find a spot and squat. (We burn our paper after use) On the trail, it is simply a matter of finding a spot.

For those times that there just isn’t any cover, and we all know that when you gotta go, you gotta go (!), all you have to do is just say so. “Hey! I have to pee! Turn around!” Works like a charm. It’s a fact of life, not a peep show and hiding behind my horse always makes me feel better.

Here is a very specific and clear post on ALL those questions that seem to make us ALL squirm when we ask them: Women in the Outdoors, Comfort in the Details.

I would also like to again, thank Joey Kangaroo, Alaska Guide Trainee Joe Peyton for stepping up and helping us all by stepping in with both a topic and the surprisingly nightmarish job of cameraman, fire-tender, all around helping hand and for his patience and steady good humor. It matters.

Remember! You can check out the whole list of Campfire Chat Videos right here and I am warning you right now that the early ones (lol, right up to about now) are a little rough, but we keep learning and improving as we move forward.

Anytime you think of a question, be sure you leave it for me! Either here in the comments, through our Contact Us page or anywhere you might run into me, all over Social Media! There isn’t anything that makes us happier than sharing a part of our lives with you.

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