Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Meet the Team

Welcome back to our fire! Come join us as we chat with Caleb Zwahlen from Wanship, Utah, the newest member of the Alaska Guide Training team. Meet the Team is the series that gives you a closer, in-depth look at each member of the team here at Pioneer Outfitters.

So come on over to the fire and grab a chair or a stump with Master Guide Terry Overly, my little Alaska Chick-let and another one of our Alaska Guide Trainees, Wesley and get to know Caleb a little.

Let’s chat!

Both series, Meet the Team and Behind the Scenes were created to allow you to get to know the Team here at Pioneer Outfitters. An insider’s look at the individuals that have come together to learn and grow as a Team. They are both also a way to see this Team and get to know the Professional Guides that will be leading you into the Alaska wilderness on horseback pursuing the dreams that brought you to Alaska and to us.

Meet the Team

Keeping up With the Boys is another way we have to share with you the progress and training of each Alaska Guide Trainee; their thoughts, successes and trials. If you would like to learn more about the Team here at Pioneer Outfitters the list below will give you a great start. If you would like to Keep in the Loop with the Team and all the other goings-on here in Chisana at Pioneer Outfitters, sign up for the Chisana News Wire (at the bottom of this post as well as on the right hand side of most pages on this website) for our almost monthly Newsletter.

All of the Campfire Chats can all be found on the Campfire Videos page and if you have questions that you would find interesting to have answered, please feel welcome to leave your question either here or anywhere across Social Media that you may feel most comfortable. YOUR questions are what make the Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick videos fun and interesting!

I hope you enjoyed this Campfire Chat, and yes, I am still working on making them shorter! Have an awesome day and share your questions and welcome for the newest member of the Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainee Team below.

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6 Responses to Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Meet the Team

    • Ali,
      Aww! Thank you!!
      He made it super-easy. Very nice young man. AND it goes to his favor because I sprang this on him like 4 hours after he arrived in Chisana and about ten minutes before we started! LOL ~ GREAT sense of humor!

  1. Welcome Caleb! I have to say, you did an Awesome interview..The Boss Lady sprung some good ones on you..she stumped me and I had to think if I would have been answering! Yes you did

    It was fun seeing everyone in the background piping in too! I think you’re going to have your hands full with those Boyz! LOL

    As Always ~*~AJ

    • LOL, Ann
      Everyone wanted to be there! (Why not…) Oh yeah, another bungie-jumper. Lord help us. LOL, no Caleb is a very soft-spoken and patient (a-hem ~the Alaska Chick-let proves that right off the bat), so I think we will all benefit from knowing Caleb and helping him to become an Alaska Guide.
      Thanks, Ann.

  2. Great chat ..finally got around to watching it! Nice young man there and I like the audience participation ! He’s right ..the sound of an elk is haunting ….

    • Hey Michael!
      Yeah, Terry, Wes and my little Alaska Chick-let had fun poking fun and getting to listen to someone else answering all the questions they, themselves had answered. And Caleb! He has a great sense of humor! Some day I will listen to an elk in person. I remember hearing a recording of one, long ago, knowing that I needed to experience that in person.
      Come back soon!!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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