Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Monster Moose

No matter what fills the day, there is nothing that compares to ending it with a warm and crackling campfire and good friends to chat with. Tonight at my fire, we are going to chat about monster moose, to be specific, the Alaska-Yukon Moose of Chisana.

Eric Klevmoen asked (about half a dozen different times and ways) about our moose. He reasoned that so many folks couldn’t comprehend the size of an Alaska-Yukon Moose and asked that I put them into perspective for people watching Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick.

We can do this!

So much about moose can be shared and I hope our Campfire Chat put things in better perspective for you ~ although I will have to stress, yet again, there is nothing like being face to face, standing on the ground in front of a live and in-the-flesh, monster Alaska-Yukon Moose for the first time!

There is a lot more than spread that goes into scoring an Alaska-Yukon Moose for official scoring. For moose, palm length and greatest spread count the most, for scoring, but the number of points, palm width and the circumference of the main beam all add into the total points used to score a critter for the book.

Mature cow moose can weigh between 800 and 1,100 pounds and an average mature bull can weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds. The yield of boned-out meat equals about 34% of live weight. (That’s a lot of meat!)

Alaska-Yukon Moose are magnificent critters. They are so massive and powerful and yet so graceful traveling across the tundra.

Please remember to ask YOUR question so that we can join up around the Campfires together!

If you have missed any of the Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick video series, feel free to check out and share the new page dedicated to these videos!

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4 Responses to Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Monster Moose

  1. OMGoodness! LOL! Where to begin?
    EVERYONE knows that the plural of moose is meece…makes them less intimidating.
    And I do a great turkey and horse impression…makes for a good time when you’re singing Old Macdonald Had a Farm around the CAMPFIRE!! i’M GETTING ME A 90″ MOOSE sorry caps when I come…just sayin’. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

    • You’re a riot, Betsy! Yes, everyone knows “meece” is plural for “moose”!! LOL
      Umm… ok, I guess we’ll have guests join the Campfire Chats they are here for!
      (Boy, THAT oughtta be a blast!)
      Much love and Blessings to you and yours!!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That’s a lot of Mooseyness!! They are magnificent critters!
    How cold was it? You DID look a bit chilly for the first time. You’ll have to do one with the hot water freezing! :)

    As Always ~*~

    • LOL! Funny!! Well, he asked about a lot of Mooseyness!!
      Our temps have been just strange this year, Ann. (sigh)
      It went from +20 and snowing to -20 overnight again!
      LOL, yeah, when it gets cold enough we will play with some hot water for you! LOL, I am waiting for the Northern Lights!

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