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Your Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt

Grizzly Bear Hunt

It is no joke and it certainly is no exaggeration: We have Grizzly Bears. Our Fall Big Game Hunting Season typically runs from the beginning of August through the first week in October. Last year, all of that changed. Now, October is all about Grizzly Bears. We are accepting 4 (FOUR) incredibly lucky Big GameContinue Reading

Alaska Big Game Hunting Resource

Hunting Resource

Alaska’s Fall Big Game Hunting Season is about to begin! In less than 3 weeks our clients will begin to arrive and the organized chaos will begin in full force. Professional Guides, Alaska Guide Trainees and our clients will head out into the wilderness we call home, deep inside the Wrangell St. Elias National ParkContinue Reading

5 Biggest Mistakes Big Game Hunters Make

Mistakes Big Game Hunters Make

Most mistakes are only made, due to ignorance. Mistakes Big Game Hunters make are almost always preventable. That’s why Pioneer has Alaska Chick’s Blog! To help by sharing what we have learned, to help someone else, avoid these same mistakes, by sharing them with you! An average Big Game Hunter will spend tens of thousandsContinue Reading

(New!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Spring Grizzly

Welcome back for another Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick! Tonight we are chatting with Master Guide Terry Overly about the questions that two young brothers in Michigan, Merek and Mikah have about Spring Grizzly! The brothers call themselves our “Fan-Club” and they had a whole bunch of questions about Grizzly Bears in the Springtime ofContinue Reading

Alaska Big Game Hunter Gear List

Big Game Hunter Gear List

Technology is moving forward in huge leaps and bounds and at the same time, the United States Postal Service would do better if they returned to the Pony Express. More and more often, we receive calls and emails from clients asking about their highly anticipated Welcome Packet. Inside that packet is the one piece ofContinue Reading