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The Adventure You Need

Adventure you need

There are so many different reasons that people travel. Business and visiting family are two of the biggest reasons. What about vacations and the fulfilling pleasure of putting a check-mark on your own bucket-list? More and more people today are looking towards Adventure and away from resorts, beaches and other mostly sedentary type vacations. FolksContinue Reading

Boots for Your Alaska Adventure

Boots for your Alaska Adventure

Who knew Alaska had a “State-Boot”? Not me… Anyhow, I have given up answering questions about what boots to bring to Alaska for this Alaska Adventure or that Alaska Big-Game Hunt. Unofficially, the XtraTuf® wins the dubious honor of being our “state boot”. Personally, I would think the Bunny Boot would be the proud winner,Continue Reading

The Hidden Gems of Alaska

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Reflecting, on the journeys I have been honored to take part in, one of the common joys each has attached are the hidden gems that can be found in the wilderness of Alaska. The hidden gems, may be simple moments; a glimpse of the rarely seen wolverine, a bird held still in mid-flight by theContinue Reading

Gold in These Mountains

Gold Rush Chisana

There is gold in these mountains, waiting to be found and waiting for those with the courage to work for it. What it must have taken for those prospectors to head into the deep and deadly wilderness. What courage it took to cross the massive glaciers of ice and unforgiving waters, all for a dream.Continue Reading

2014 ~ Alaska Adventures

Alaska Adventures

The year of the horse has already begun it’s mad and fearless journey towards the 2014 Alaska Adventures that are being planned. Summer spots are still available, but there are limited spaces only remaining. Be sure you are Fearless this year and are part of the extraordinary events that are unfolding as we speak. ThereContinue Reading