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Still, Stuck on Stupid

How is that working out for ya? And yet there you are still, stuck on stupid. This is a real topic, by the way. This is a real issue and a real pain in the posterior region. (yes: the ass) How often, if you were brutally honest with yourself, do you find yourself repeating orContinue Reading

Faith is WiFi in the Wilderness


The beginning of a new year! Yep, it is 2015 and it is only after considerable thought, many prayers for guidance and much importance to all we hope to accomplish this year that I would like to share with you today #MyOneWord. #MyOneWord, also My One Word (the book) was started (and written) by MikeContinue Reading

Why You Need Us

The headline sure settles a lot of weight onto my shoulders to deliver. Why you need us is exactly what I am going to try to put into words for you today. Chisana is a very tangible magic everyone needs to have in or to at least touch his or her lives. Pioneer Outfitters willContinue Reading