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What It Takes To Be Fearless

Have you ever wondered or wished that you knew what it takes to be fearless? Maybe you have thought about or even researched instead what it takes to be a Professional Guide, a teacher, a scientist or a creator of video games. There is a possibility you have been curious what it takes to be a leader or even what it takes to be a Mother.

The answer to all of these is the same. What it takes to Be Fearless is to be steady and smart.

What it takes

To be steady is said to be stable, secure, dependable, constant, regular, unshakable and consistent. Smart is said to be (after a quick check with my desktop dictionary) clever, bright, intelligent, sharp-witted, quick-witted, shrewd, astute and able.

Going back to our previous conversations about what it really means to Be Fearless, which is not the absence of any fear but the refusal to allow any fear to dictate any decision or choice in your life; we must understand and accept that one has to be steady to ride all the ups and downs being alive guarantees as well as smart enough to see both those ups and downs for not only what they are but what they could be.

Be Steady and Smart

Rarely is anything fantastic created in a moment. Most often, it takes a very long time with a lot of hills and gullies in the path. Sometimes things can even get down right dangerous. Keeping your wits about you, staying nice and steady, staying alert for openings and aware of what is happening around you will get you through just about anything.

First of all, the entire meaning of “Steady” says very clearly in what is not part of the definition- to be steady you can’t quit! You can’t be wishy-washy and all freaked-out emotion. (chill)

Second, being smart doesn’t mean you have to have a PH.D. or be CEO of a large company!  Being smart means first that you take a very good, hard and clear look at yourself. (FYI- If you don’t cringe even a little bit then you aren’t looking hard enough.) Then! Stay smart. Learn all you can. Commit yourself. Improve yourself. Make sure you are walking your own talk. Pay attention to what is happening around you, around others and how it pertains. That is smart.

Oh, heads up. If you are an Alaska Guide Trainee and you believe you have all this handled? Know all you need to know? Maybe even got plans on how to do it better? Uh-huh. Well, see that’s why you are STILL a trainee!

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