Chisana Communications

Master Guide Terry Overly, talking to you!There have been quite a few questions and comments about our communication abilities here in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters. Our phone system is just like yours, anywhere.

AT&T put an earth station on Pioneer Outfitters property in 1996. Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T) put the phone system in a building we, here at Pioneer Outfitters, built them, they dug ditches across of of Chisana running phone lines underground all the way to the Oatfield Airstrip (3 miles away), crossing Johnson Creek and the people that have vacation cabins there. The generators we run 24 hours a day, here at Pioneer Outfitters, provides the power for the phone company.

Call! We are here!We have NO cellular service here in Chisana or anywhere in the surrounding areas. (I use a satellite phone and the personal locating device, SPOT for any emergency needs in the field.)

Our internet connection is provided by Star Band. If I seem to be absent online, it’s not from lack of trying or desire! Our bandwidth is an on-going war for me sitting here, in my Inspiration Corner, wanting to share something special or just to chat with a pal.

Want to chat with Master Guide Terry Overly? Call! Mornings and evenings are the best time to catch him before he heads to the airplane. (907)-734-0007.

Would you like to be called? Contact Us, here, and we will!

You can reach us by email at and you can find us on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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