Confessions of an Alaska Guide, On-line

Alaska Chick, Alaska Guide(It is day 3 in the field, on our first hunt of the 2012 Fall Hunting Season)

Alaska Chick’s Blog is known simply as “Blog” here on the new Pioneer Outfitters website. “Alaska Guide,” “Alaska Horseback Adventures,” “Alaska Big Game Hunting,” “Alaska Guide Training” and all that.

But. There is so much more. (sigh) During the passionate brainstorming and with the artistic gifts and knowledge of Ameena Falchetto, this newest Pioneer Outfitters website is finally up to par. It is beautiful and easy to use (still working on all those twists and kinks, folks!).

Alaska Chick’s Blog was … “sterilized” …is the only word that comes to mind.

On January 31, 2011 Alaska Chick’s Blog was born. On February 25, 2012 Alaska Chick’s Blog let you all down.

My name is Amber-Lee Dibble and I am Alaska Chick. I made a promise to you, to the world connected by the internet, way back then. I promised you that I would be truthful and more, I would be open with you to not just the rainbows and unicorns but the cold hard life we live. I promised to give you The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Pioneer Outfitters.

I also promised that I would make it so that you could and would be part of our lives, through me. Through Alaska Chick.

FYI ~ I have never lied to you and I will not quit.

What I did do, was allow myself to fall into the lessons and rules of “smart marketing.” I tried to fit a great big beautiful star into a tiny box.

I tried to stick to FAQ’s and write to you as if I were selling instead of sharing, as if I were writing a dictionary of Pioneer Outfitters instead of showing you.

So, sitting in front of the camp fire at my Cross Creek camp with the first Big Game Hunters of our 2012 Fall Hunting Season, I caught myself thinking “What can I write….?” and “Which keywords will help us rank with Google and bring us to the attention to as many people as I can for the business (which is simply another word for money)?”

I had one of those “Wow!” moments. As I realized it, I knew exactly what I would write and have for you when I returned home, before any of the others. My confession.

Mistakes happen. Don’t make the same one twice.” ~ I say that a lot to trainees.

I turned my back on you. You, that honor me, by taking time out of your day to read the words I put here in hopes of just that. For that I promise I now how it happened, (I can read as well!), I know why…. It isn’t a mistake I’ll make again.

Pioneer Outfitters is about family. It is about good memories, good times, the beautiful, untouched Alaska wilderness in all it’s glory, it is about the simple and complicated life, that we have chosen to live. Pioneer Outfitters is more than a business. It is a family. A family of people with a common belief that these gifts need to be shared with the busy and crowded world.

I mentioned earlier I felt Alaska Chick’s Blog had been “sterilized.” Although I was the one writing it, it seemed that it had become impersonal and detached, and in that, defeated it’s own purpose.

I want you to know us. Who we are, what we do, how we do it and why.

I can rattle off FAQ’s but that doesn’t bring you any closer to us. I can describe for you all the “why”s of choosing Pioneer Outfitters is your best choice. ~ These are nothing but advertisements.

These facts are true, granted, but they don’t do the two most important goals of Pioneer’s decision to be online.

First, and to my completely non-business mind ~ most importantly, to share with each one of you, the world we live in and make our living in by living. Whether you ever have the desire, means or inclination to have the Adventure of a lifetime with Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska, to explore the real Last Frontier, or not.

The point is for you to share in the life, blessings and even the real-life hardships one faces living in the bush of Alaska.

The second point is to provide information and insight to how Pioneer Outfitters operates and how to best prepared for your Alaska Adventure, with us or otherwise.

Yes, of course we want to be chosen by you! We want you to have the memories to share with your friends, neighbors and every stranger on the street what they are missing without experiencing what Pioneer Outfitters offers.

But we also want to set a standard in this life and business. For the way of life that isn’t an option to live or even experience in so many walks of life in today’s time.

My point? (I always loose someone, during my explanations!)

I am Alaska Chick and welcome back to our world.

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2 Responses to Confessions of an Alaska Guide, On-line

  1.’ve done an Awesome job..and I have to say I love your stories the most..and the photos..but also the FAQ’s are important! for anyone interested in coming. You give so much good information in those sections. They would have saved you from me asking a whole bunch of silly then after you so kindly answered every one of them over and over I still found more I’d not thought to ask in the FAQ’s!

    Yes your stories and photos “caught” me.but it was you and the rest of the great peeps there that made me know it was a place I wanted to visit.

    So total all..= perfect!

    Now..for some new Adventure stories..I’ve read all the others a zillion times..and still learn something new each time, but you know we want to know what kind of new trouble you’ve found to get yourself into.. and how you got out of it. Just kidding… :)

    As Always

    Ann Jane ~*~

  2. LOL, no I don’t believe that for a minute! (You aren’t kidding, cause it does tend to be true, doesn’t it?!)

    I felt like I had pulled away. Yes it IS a TON of work. Yes, my tan is fading terribly! And yes, I was in agony after wrangling a few weeks ago because my butt had been sitting in a chair instead of a saddle… but do you want to know something?

    My whole life has changed since getting us up to par and online for the world to find. The people I have met, the people that have and will be joining us here in Chisana, all I have learned… it has made everything so important and shiny!

    I never run out of people to share what I love so much with. I honestly believe blessings this big should never be hoarded. They have to be shared… with everyone.
    ~Alaska Chick

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