Dall Sheep are Not Out of Your Reach

There is something I would like to say to you, if you dream or have ever dreamed of hunting a Dall Sheep. “Dall Sheep are not out of your reach.” They are not. ~I feel very strongly about this subject. Stronger, in fact, than most in my profession. Allow me to share with you what brings this to mind.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Dall Sheep
Alaska Chick, hunting for Dall Sheep, ambushed by a fast moving snow storm.

Mr. Z called this morning and chatted on the phone with Master Guide Terry Overly about our hunting operation for two hours and 17 minutes. (This is not unusual for Boss, especially if the person on the line likes to chat!)

Mr. Z was thrilled with all the information he received and called me next to get the banking transfer information for booking an Alaska-Yukon Moose and Mountain Grizzly Bear Combination Hunt.

After chatting with Mr. Z and making sure I had all his contact information along with making sure he had all the information he would need before leaving New York this September, I thought about him for a long time.

You see, he settled for a moose and bear, when his real dream was a Dall Sheep.

Dall Sheep HuntingI spoke with Boss about Mr. Z and their conversation compared to mine. It sure sounded to me that Mr. Z had called to book a Dall Sheep hunt, not the late Combo! Terry then explained to me (as Mr. Z had), that Mr. Z had had a hip replacement, his 67th birthday was last month and he’d gained 20 lbs since his retirement to go with the extra 40 he’d been carrying around.


Strength comes from your heart. It’s so much more than blood and arteries. It’s having a dream. That’s what we do. We share your dreams. Your dreams become our dreams and our goals.

Dall SheepWe are Pioneer Outfitters, since 1924. That’s 90 years of experience; doing exactly the same thing, exactly the same ways, over and over, creating experience upon experience. With a passion for the land, the creatures, the people who make their home here and the people we share this wondrous gift with, Pioneer Outfitters is an Alaskan ideal.

I have heard variations of this same “settling” from folks I’ve spoken with throughout the years I have been part of Pioneer Outfitters. I never realized, until recently, that it makes me really sad. Too old, too out of shape, wouldn’t be able to ride a horse and so on. Hunting and Adventures alike. “Oh, I couldn’t …”

Dall SheepWhy not? If it is something you really want, I can get you there. We can get you there. That’s what we do. We are guides. One. Step. At. A. Time. We have had the pleasure of seeing these dreams come true. If you have ever witnessed a dream coming true, ever, you’ll know what I am talking about. There is nothing like the feeling you get, when you know deep in your heart, that you helped that dream come true. Nothing else compares.

Whether your dream includes a camera or a rifle, we are here to help. We are here to guide you to your dream. Our life is about taking you into the Alaska wilderness and show you it’s enormous raw beauty or guiding you to the trophy you’ve dreamed of.

This is our home, we will show you the way, keep you safe and ensure you can enjoy the freedom of the Last Frontier.

Dall Sheep
Success! Dream come true.

Don’t give up, don’t give in. I guess my takeaway for you, is don’t let your fears or your self-opinion hold you away from your dream.

Come to Alaska, go on a Wilderness Horseback Adventure or a Big Game Hunt with us (!!~of course!), go to Mexico and have a blast, tour France, write a book, start a business, tell her/him how you feel, buy a telescope, go back to college, take art classes. Anything.

I wont say ALL it takes is heart, but you will never be at the top of whatever mountain you need to climb, unless you take one step forward.

~From me to you. Ok, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard similar stories to the one I just shared with you. I’m sure you have too.

Here are my questions for you:

  • Did I let him down? Should I have pushed harder, knowing his real dream was (is) possible? (I did tell him and assured him we would work our butts off for him.)
  • Did I let myself down?
  • Why is this bothering me so much?

Don’t give up. Don’t quit. We are here. Here to help.  The adventure only ends when you stop dreaming and start regretting.

Believe in YOUR strength. Your strength and our experience will be a winning combination.


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