Dreaming of an Exciting and Unique Adventure?

Unique AdventureWhat could possibly be a more exciting and unique adventure than an Alaska Horseback Adventure?

Maybe you ask yourself and wonder if an Alaska Horseback Adventure is really for you.

Pioneer Outfitters offers an Alaska Horseback Adventure for anyone that wishes to experience the Last Frontier in an exciting, fun and always safe, way.

For the young or old. For the experienced or the inexperienced. Pioneer Outfitters licensed Alaska Guides will help and instruct you, protect and lead you on a Horseback Adventure through our nation’s largest national park, the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and Preserve.

The natural breathtaking beauty of the untouched and unblemished land, remote even by Alaska’s standards, Chisana was the site of the last Historic Gold Rush.

Range horses, our horses that live here in the wilderness year round with us offer a steady and confident ride. Familiar with the wildlife and the terrain, they carry us safely over icy rivers and supply us with all we need for a comfortable camp.

Unique AdventureThere are high mountain lakes to fish in and glaciers to climb and explore. The endless days of summertime in Alaska gives hours of the touchable golden light of a sunset that never really happens.

So WHO is an Alaska Horseback Adventure for?

  • Families … For a true family-friendly experience. From the start to the end, family is what we are all about.
  • Couples … A vacation all about the two of you, in a wilderness paradise to share all of nature’s gifts.
  • College Students … The next amazing and unique adventure starts right here with Pioneer Outfitters.
  • Working Men & Women … To re-charge, rejuvenate and re-inspire, to “get away from it all” (and we do mean ALL!).
  • Women’s Groups …To connect with each other in the pride of Alaska’s Unique Adventurestrength and beauty and in turn, to reaffirm each other’s strength and beauty.
  • Retirees … Experience our nation’s largest National Park as it was meant to be, on horseback.
  • Military Men & Women … Allow us to share with you our gratitude and the peace and beauty of wild Alaska.
  • Endurance Riders … Your riding skills, our world… what an incredible combination!
  • Photographers … From the amateur hobbyist to the professional, the wildlife, horses, mountains and the great untouched wilderness is a photo waiting to be shared.
  • Adventurists … Alaska was created for Adventurers. Your Horseback Adventure will supply you with all the excitement and feelings of accomplishment that your adventuring heart and soul desire.

Unique Adventure



Are you dreaming of an exciting and unique adventure? We have so much to offer in terms of a unique adventure. Some of my favorites and your options are:

Unique Adventure

Princess … an Adventure to choose if you enjoy horseback riding and fishing. We’ll head to one of our favorite spots to fish for Lake Trout and Ling Cod. Enjoy the days riding and fishing in two of the best high mountain lakes, at a camp that never fails to thrill and relax guests. Huge bonfires and bald eagles are the first things I think of when I hear we are packing up for the Princess.

Elizabeth … a historic Wilderness Horseback Adventure. Follow in the footsteps of the prospectors, see the way they brought their own horses over and around the Russell Glacier. The majestic Wrangell Mountains and St. Elias, herself, towering above all they surround, both there waiting for you to acknowledge and bare witness to the same awesome site that greeted the first men to cross this land.

Unique AdventureSkookum … Skookum’s Adventure  is of time and evidence. The geological wonders and rock formations, as well as the three glaciers and all the wildlife that inhabit these lands is what makes Skookum a family favorite.What ever it is you are looking for, this is where you will find it. You will come away with something so many people have never had or possibly not even missed.

Titan … Titan is an Adventure made of colors, rugged mountains, wildlife and secret places. Some of these secret places go on and on and there is more to be seen than can be in only 10 days.   Horseback riding up drainage’s, climbing mountains… because they are there, steep shale slides, sheep trails and old Indian cabins.

Unique AdventureQueen … one our newest additions as a Summer Horseback Adventure plan. Ride your horse all the way to and on top of the big flattop mountain. Ride along the ridges, peeking over the edge, watching the funny little lambs bounding and leaping in the amazing way the mountain sheep have.

Did I include you?  Did I include an Adventure that screamed your name? I’ll bet I did! But, if I didn’t, let me know and I’ll bet I can come up with the reason (Adventure) YOU should be here in less than a minute! (You can also visit THIS post and it will walk you through 15 Steps From Your Door to Your Alaska Horseback Adventure)

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