The Cutting Edge of Adventure Filmmaking

The PWSCC (Prince William Sound Community College) of Alaska has teamed up with Pioneer Outfitters to offer a leg-up on a degree in Adventure Filmmaking that will set you far and above the rest of the pack.Adventure Filmmaking

Outdoor Leadership on the cutting edge. Graduates with associate of applied science (AAS) degrees in Outdoor Leadership compete with both high school graduates and those with postsecondary degrees and certificates, often for the same positions. Graduates often finish their education with high student loan debt, a less than ideal experience, and a generalized outdoor studies (ODS) education.

Adventure Filmmaking

Adventure FilmmakingRather than preparing graduates for a field of generalists, PWSCC’s evolved ODS program is ruggedly focused on aptitude, ability, and results.

What ‘makes’ the difference in the field of outdoor leadership is knowledge and communication ability, nationally and internationally recognized certification(s), industry specialization, and significant field experience.

In the final development and the proposed of PWSCC’s Outdoor Leadership degree program, particular focus was placed on reducing course hours (hence, overall cost), increasing field and specialized educational opportunities, and increased collaboration with private industry, local and state employers, organizations, and agencies.

Focus for the redesigned AAS in Outdoor Leadership Knowledge & Communication The AAS focuses on a solid base-level of both general education, including: methodology within written communication, mathematics, technical or business writing, interpersonal communication skills, as well as a standard core of Outdoor Leadership coursework.

The standard core, for all ODS majors is 25 credit hours, with a heavy emphasis on risk management, emergency medicine, outdoor leadership skills, and experiential education.

The skills generated by students of Film production are in demand by a wide variety of programs across the state and UA campuses. The skills of a filmmaker (knowledge of theory, screenwriting, directing of documentary or dramatic films, camera work, editing, etc.) can and have been applied to an unlimited number of purposes in a wide variety of industrial, educational, and creative projects.

Adventure Filmmaking

Adventure FilmmakingDo you want to spend 14 days studying natural history, horsemanship, survival, guiding, leadership, and adventure filmmaking in the back-country of Alaska? The course begins mid-June (depending on workshop choice) and running until July 2nd.

Details are still being finalized, but here are the basics:
-6 college credit hours taking two courses (Natural History Interpretation & Leadership in Outdoor Recreation Activities),
-14 days with Pioneer Outfitters in rugged back-country of the Wrangell St. Elias NP,
-Optional workshops* include:
a. Pre-production & Visual Story-telling for Adventure Film
b. Writing for the Adventure Film Genre
c. Attendance at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference

And all for $2400 (tuition, travel, food, guiding, and lodging*).
Note: Lodging not included for optional workshop times, BUT is available. Subject to minimum enrollment of 9.

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Get your spot locked in! There are only a few left!

(Photos are courtesy of DB Palmer)


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