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As promised, 2014 is going to be a Fearless year in Pioneer Outfitters long and distinguished life in the remote mountains and wilderness of Alaska. We have thrown off all fears of the unknown for this epic 90th Anniversary of Pioneer Outfitters.

Along with the Horseback Riding Wilderness Pack Trips that are being scheduled as we speak, we are welcoming another new opportunity to share our own experience and knowledge to the Prince William Sound Community College in Valdez, Alaska for an incredible 4-6 week Alaskan Adventure.

Fearless Filmmakers

Adventure Film School Alaska is the first and only Adventure Filmmaking Degree Program and it is going to be incredible!

Adventure Filming

For those who are working towards or dreaming of a career in Adventure Filmmaking, the door of opportunity just blew open for YOU!

When I asked DB Palmer (Ed.D., LPC, WFR. Professor of Outdoor Leadership, Director of Outdoor Studies and Adventure Film School Alaska Prince William Sound College University of Alaska and Vice President of the Academic Senate) to explain a little more about the Adventure Film School, he summed it up quite nicely.

Adventure Film School Alaska is a two-year degree program specializing in extreme adventure filmmaking and shooting footage in the world’s most epic locations. Our students not only gain an epic adventure film education, but can also back this up with emergency medical training, professional certifications, outdoor leadership skills and education, as well as targeted skill-sets.

This degree program will provide students with the tools necessary to enter the outdoor recreation industry as a professional. Opportunities for Alaskan film projects abound and our students are uniquely poised to get these positions.

Adventure Film School Alaska brings leading filmmakers, solid academics, and budding filmmakers together to craft projects from story conception to the screen.

Adventure Film School Alaska students finish with an Associates of Applied Science in Outdoor Studies with a concentration in Adventure Filmmaking. The program has an equivalency agreement with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Film program.

What is Pioneer Outfitters role in this grand opportunity? We will be hosting and sharing our own lives and skills with those that are included in this epic summer trek.

Excited yet?

This is for anyone who wants to earn 12 credit hours on a 4-6 week Alaskan Adventure this summer (June to mid-July).

This trek will be epic, remote, incredibly difficult and require long days working with horses in the back country of bush Alaska.

This course covers a full range of survival, guiding, hunting, horse packing, Adventure Filmmaking and Outdoor Leadership skills.

The last update I received gave me this current gist of events:

  • Adventure Filmmaking- 3 hours
  • Location Scouting, Management, & Logistics- 3 hours
  • Survival & Guide Training- 3 hours
  • Adventure Film Tech Skills- 1 hour
  • Outdoor Adventures in Alaska- 2 hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is not for the timid!

Fearless Filmmakers

Fearless FilmMakers

Why should you embark on this Fearless Adventure? DB Palmer answered that as well!

Here’s a few reasons why you should:

  • One of the lowest tuition rates in the country.
  • NO out of state tuition.
  • Direct routes from the Associates to transfer options through the bachelors degree.


In my own opinion, this is nice and good but his words later when we were discussing what the title of this post would be, really struck me that this was the guy to help others make their dreams come true.

“Because some level of fear is healthy… especially as a guide; but filmmakers should be fearless. Checks and balances…” ~ DB Palmer

This is offered all while taking part in a 4-6 week film project for Adventure Film School Alaska and PWSCC Outdoor Leadership Program in Valdez Alaska

Now, if you or someone you know is interested in receiving your Associates of Applied Science in Outdoor Studies with a concentration in Adventure Filmmaking, do not delay! There are ONLY a few openings left!!

Contact DB Palmer through Face Book: Adventure Film School Alaska or call DB at 907-834-1668 or email: dbpalmer@pwscc.edu TODAY!!


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