Experience Alaska For Real

Experience Alaska for real. Not a cookie-cutter version that has been watered down and lost it’s flavor long ago.

Instead of the same pictures, in a similar “Alaska Trip Photo Album”, pretty much exactly the same one the majority of tourists go home with after visiting Denali Park or driving the roads, why not get off the beaten path?

Experience Alaska for Real

From the frontier days, this has been The Last Frontier.

Experience Alaska for real, all she has always offered, off the beaten path.

The last Historic Gold Rush, the icy glacial streams and rivers, the snow and ice capped rugged mountains, the majestic wildlife and the amazing scenery.

All experienced on horseback, through the mountains and across the tundra.

The comradely of your Wilderness Guide, the stories of old shared by people who actually remember the stories as they were happening.

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve is America’s largest and most unseen national park.

The isolation and remoteness of the over 13.2 million acres of land only magnifies the splendid park bigger than six Yellowstone.

Of that land, 14,185 square miles of it, is designated wilderness, untouched, forever.

You will stand and admire the massive mountains with their rugged peaks, which includes 9 of the 16 highest peaks in the United States.

There are 48 species of mammals to observe and photograph, including one of the largest concentrations of Dall Sheep in North America.

The Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve holds the nation’s largest system of glaciers. As a matter of fact, 25% (or approximately 5,000 square miles) of park land is covered with glacial ice.

Let our horses take you safely across the icy waters, move swiftly across the endless tundra and carry a comfortable camp where ever your dreams lead us.

Our horses live here with us (sort-of) year round.

They are familiar with the land and trails and are strong and sure-footed.

Besides, any day in the saddle is better than packing around a pack, lumbering and tripping around in the tundra leaving you so “bushed” you can’t even imagine dragging your butt up to that peak you see.

Campfires, good food, new friends, stories and horses will make your Alaska Adventure something really special, forever.

Pioneer Outfitters Horseback Wilderness Adventures and Winter Excursions are true Alaska experiences.

With experienced guides leading your way, you can count on your guide to keep you and your party safe as you explore and observe this great land.

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