Family Friendly Summer Vacation in Alaska

Family Friendly Summer VacationsSearching for a truly “Family Friendly” vacation is tough enough, sorting through the theme parks, endless car/bus rides and schedules. When you factor in your own feelings for searching for “Family Friendly” which shows the heart of the whole idea. You are looking for a Family Friendly Summer Vacation in Alaska.

A vacation to share the moments and make the memories to treasure for lifetimes. A vacation “together,” the family.

Family is the foundation of Pioneer Outfitters. Our family isn’t all related by blood, but we are family, non the less. Since 1924, Pioneer Outfitters has been dreamed, owned and operated by Master Guide Terry Overly’s family. Since then, Pioneer Outfitters has operated year-round from our home in Chisana.

Family Friendly Summer VacationsChisana is located deep within the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges in our nation’s largest park, the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park. Very remote and only accessible by small bush aircraft, Chisana is also the site of the last historic gold rush.

Our family friendly ideas and attention to detail begin in Chisana, with the enormous yard located directly in front of the Lodge, being completely fenced in with little-little to adult sized toys for all to enjoy and play together. Comfortable cabins for families are ready for your arrival and the shower house is always hot. All meals are served family style at the Lodge and the Lodge is always open and inviting with fireplaces crackling on chilly mornings and the scents of fresh bread in the air.

Pioneer Outfitters horses for every level of experience and desire. A gentle, sure footed ride will nudge you into falling in love. These wonderful range horses, live with us in Chisana year round as well, except they live in the wilderness with the sheep, bears, moose and caribou. They fight off wolves and they carry us over and through some of the toughest terrain Alaska has to offer. The horses carry our children, our friends and us, without fail, each time we ask. Their hearts and sturdy bones inspire strength in those of us that see them for what they are.

Family horseback riding, our specialty.The campfires and stories, the fishing and riding, climbing mountains, exploring glaciers, photographing the wildlife and hundreds of different flowers and mosses, panning for gold and exploring the remains of what was called “the largest log cabin settlement in Alaska” for a very brief time, in 1913; are all things to be done, together as a family.

Pioneer Outfitters experienced Alaska guides will keep you and yours safe while experiencing all Alaska has to offer and leading you into the next day of your Alaska vacation.

We, here at Pioneer Outfitters, would love to share our family with you and share with you the wonders Alaska has to offer your family.

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