Family Friendly Vacations in Alaska

Family Friendly VacationsAre you looking for the perfect family friendly vacation? You may wonder what kind of vacation Alaska could offer that is a truly “family-friendly-vacation”.

Pioneer Outfitters offers the ultimate family friendly vacations for families that want a real vacation with actual family interaction and not separate “activities” that have each member of the family checking a schedule for what is available for this family member or that one.

Pioneer Outfitters main focus, no matter what trip, adventure or hunt, is on providing family friendly vacations in Alaska. Safe and unforgettable adventures, each one, each time.

Family is what is important to Pioneer Outfitters. Since 1924, the family owned and operated business has offered and provided Adventures, Excursions and hunting for families and friends who want to get off the beaten path. Family and friends looking for a true family friendly vacation experience.

We offer something for every member of the family to have a great vacation! Providing Family Friendly Vacations means more to Pioneer Outfitters than a group of words can portray.

Family Friendly VacationsRelaxation ~ Your schedule is our schedule. There are no deadlines or waiting lists. The clean mountain air, untouched wilderness and experienced Alaska guides provide the peace and safety that are a must for  relaxing.

Excitement ~ Traveling through the remote Alaskan wilderness on horseback with Mother Nature and the wide variety of wildlife to keep things interesting isn’t enough excitement? There is gold to find, fossils to discover, mountains and glaciers to climb and explore and there is always what may be around the next bend in the trail to consider.

Family Friendly VacationsDiscovery ~ The thrill of discovery touches us all at some point. Discovery is exactly what Chisana is waiting for. There is incredible history in the very land that is Alaska and Chisana is blessed repeatedly for those who wish to travel to it. The eons of glacial movement, the dinosaurs, the meteorite strikes, and the last historic gold rush have all left proof to be discovered.

Renewal & Inspiration ~ The untouched natural beauty of the land and all that lives on and in it is what has beckoned to explorers from the beginning of time. Alaska is the last frontier, experience the same awe and excitement that allowed settlers to face untold hardships and difficulties. Absorb the pure, fresh mountain air, drink the most delicious water on the planet, be humbled by the majestic mountains and the ice covered peaks and be inspired by the endless raw beauty that surrounds and is Chisana.

Family Friendly VacationsEach Adventure, Excursion and Big Game Hunt that Pioneer Outfitters offers is planned with family in mind. Single guests and couples or friends are more than welcome and only benefit from the attention to the details that cover any desire or wish we can anticipate from any age or for any experience level.

Family friendly vacations, adventures, hunts and Winter or Spring excursions are what we work for, strive for and constantly find ways to improve upon.

Pioneer Outfitters operates year-round with a variety of family friendly vacation options offered for the different seasons.

Spring ~ Spring Excursions on snow-mobiles to experience Alaska’s Wintertime with the increasing sunlight and rising temperatures. Ice-fishing, photography, snowmobiling and Northern Lights are just the start. There are also Spring Hunts to consider.

Family Friendly VacationsSummer – Fall ~ Horseback Adventures are Pioneer Outfitters specialty and joy. Wildlife to observe and photograph, high mountain lakes to fish, mountains to climb and glaciers to explore are only a few of the Adventures that you may experience with us here in Chisana.

Fall ~ Alaska Big Game Hunting for Dall Sheep, Mountain Grizzlies and the enormous Alaska-Yukon Moose have been part of Pioneer Outfitters since 1924. Many other Big Game animals and smaller fur bearers like Timber Wolves, Black Bear, Wolverine, three kinds of fox and others to be taken with those hunts.

Family Friendly VacationsWinter ~ For the ones that want to experience the Alaska Winter in it’s glory, we have Winter Excursions (with a bit more outer gear!) for those guests as well. We also offer the Winter Predator Hunts that include established trap lines that have proven themselves over the years.




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