Favorite Horseback Adventures to Choose From

Pioneer Outfitters, located in the remote Chisana, Alaska offers you the adventure of a lifetime with our Horseback Adventures. Explore the spiritual places of the indigenous peoples clan’s chieftains, medicine man and healers; climb the glaciers that are part of the Bagley Icefield, the largest ice-field in North America; visit, explore and photograph not only the site of the last historic gold rush, but experience it for yourself and try your hand at gold panning with the miners that are still mining historic fantastic spot.

Choose from any of the Horseback Adventures, tailored to your dreams, to experience the last frontier, photograph wildlife, starting each day with inspirational sunrises or ending them with comforting campfires; or join the adventures by rafting from Alaska to the Yukon.

Horseback Adventures
Autumn in Alaska.

Whatever your choice is, from these guest-proven favorite Horseback Adventures, with Pioneer Outfitters at your side, experienced, licensed guides are there to make it happen with your enjoyment and safety their primary objectives. The absolute greatest point of living the life of a Professional Guide is sharing such a bountiful and spectacular area with others.

If summer time is your time, there are a few of our favorite places to visit, adventures we enjoy sharing with guests that may spark your imagination or remind you what you haven’t done ~ yet! Take the time to familiarize yourself with the options we offer on the Summer Horseback Adventures, most of which are available on any of them.

4 of the favorite Horseback Adventures to choose from!

  • Explore Medicine Man Mountain
  • Climb the Chisana Glacier
  • Photograph the Historic Gold Mining Claims
  • Experience Alaska’s Frontier on Horseback


Explore Medicine Man Mountain on a Spiritual Retreat Adventure as the peace and rejuvenation of the land and area infuse you and allow you to heal, mind, spirit and body.

Climb the Chisana Glacier on your Horseback Adventure some afternoon or explore one of the other two that are also part of this grand adventure. The base camp of this adventure sits at tree line and allows you to wake each morning looking out at the incredible river bar teeming with wildlife and activity and the Chisana Glacier paints a gorgeous backdrop for your inspiration.

Photograph the Historic Gold Mining Claims when you are not riding or panning for gold. Chisana is the site of the last historic gold rush and there is incredible living history to be a part of as few ever are.

Experience Alaska’s Frontier on Horseback and all the glory Alaska has to offer on this cross-country adventure. Fishing is a favorite call to stop and spend an extra day along this roving journey.

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