First Interview with Youngest Old Timer in Alaska

Alaska Chick BIV
BIV (Brand Identity Visualization) by Ameena Gorton

With Ameena Gorton’s BIV (Brand Identity Visualization) finished for Alaska Chick’s Blog and the understanding of what needs to be portrayed, to you from me and what it really means, to you, of course, but as well to myself.

That had never been an aspect I considered.

What did I realize that made such a difference?

I love this place and the life I lead here.

I mean to say, I really love this place.

Everything and everyone that makes this place unlike any other.

So what?

Well, I asked myself, Who else loves this place as much, if not more than I do? That one is easy.

My first interview would be with this person. The one person in the entire world who just may, love the life we lead and where we lead it as much if not even more than I do myself.

The First Interview with Master Guide Terry Overly.

The Youngest Old Timer in Alaska.

So, I asked him, “Terry, tell my friends online, how would YOU, in your own plain old opinion, in your experiences here, doing what we do, describe your Summer Horseback Riding Pack Trips.

This is what he said…

“You are alone with nature, with God and your own thoughts. You very well may not see another human being (other than those in your own party) the entire time you are with us.

The air is pure. The sounds of nature are all around you, it is never silent. Sometimes you start out thinking it is, but listen, listen closely.

You will hear the sounds of a creek way off, the sounds of birds chirping and squirrels chattering. You can hear the wind blow through the rocky crags of high mountain outcrops.

A wolf howling, the horse bells dinging in the distance as they graze on the open and unrestricted range. You are riding along on your horse, time has stopped.

Completely removed from your every day back home routine.

Virtually untouchable, unreachable, free to just let your mind wander, anywhere it wants to go, taking it all inside you.

As you are riding your horse over the river rocks across the many streams and creeks, the rivers, you will see and think and feel the tremendous power of natures force and will.

The realization will come to you, just exactly where you fit in in the master plan of all things.”

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