Summer Forecast: Weather Permitting

Mother Nature is a force to be respected. “Weather Permitting” is a familiar phrase here in Alaska.

How many people, that don’t live in Interior Alaska, really understand exactly what that means?

Weather Permitting

Plans, up in smoke.

Time, lost.

Effort, meaningless.

The reasonable, intelligent part of each of us, knows there is nothing to be done by mere humans about the weather. There is no skill, no plan, no back up contingency, that will bring the sun, lift the fog or deaden the winds.

Day after day, week after week, waiting for that break that will put you out into the country you’ve dreamed of, waiting to receive supplies or waiting for your ride home, the weather seems to take on the worst of human qualities.

The endless sunlight and glorious sunsets as the sun moves around the horizon, the warm winds and unexplored, untouched land as far as you can see and ride.

This is why you have dreamed of an Alaskan Horseback Adventure.

Surrounded by mountains, valleys, glaciers, rivers and creeks, the Interior of Alaska is as wild as the critters that inhabit it.

We have talked about how remote Chisana is.

Chisana is located deep in the Wrangell Mountains, in a fly-in area of Alaska. The only way into or out of Chisana is by small bush aircraft. Weather is by far, the biggest single factor of travel into or out of Chisana. We use airplanes the way you, most of you, use an automobile.

Please know this.

There is no secret solution. There is no top-secret weather manipulator hidden in a disguised tower.

We here, at Pioneer Outfitters, are every bit at the whims of nature as are any guests of this untamed land.

There is a poem, I have shared with some of you before. I do not know who wrote it, it could be anyone who has come to Alaska and understood her.

The title is “Weather Permitting.~ You should read it!

Hang in there.

It will rain. It will snow. It will get dark. It will be windy. It will get cold.

It will pass and the sun will come out and you will see the incredible beauty of Alaska.



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