Friday Facts: Alaskan Tells

Alaskan Tells




Friday Facts: Alaskan Tells for anyone to know.

Do you planning on visiting Alaska someday?

These Alaska tells will keep you clear of insulting the locals and hopefully, save you a little embarrassment.

The Alaskan Tells are a few traits that Alaskans tend to be born with, and newcomers adapt to soon enough.

It’s funny to me, because I grew up in New York state, on a dairy farm and graduated from a school where my teachers were my Mother’s teachers. (And boy, could a couple hold a grudge!)

When I arrived in Alaska, I was so overwhelmed by the fantastic wild surrounding everything, I didn’t even notice some of these until much later.

For instance, to go feed the horses, I put my long underwear on, a warm layer like lined jeans or fleece pants, a turtleneck or some-such, a sweater or sweatshirt over that and wool  socks.

Then! I put my snow-pants (great wind protection) on, my bunny-boots, my parka, a head sock-silky-thingy, my leather and fleece lined face mask, and a fur hat. Lastly, I’ll grab glove liners and thick gloves.

Sheesh. Don’t forget to tuck the ear-buds into all the head-gear, and the iPod into a safe pocket and grab my sunglasses to prevent snow-blindness (not to mention it keeps the wind outta my eyes).

So. I totally “get” shoveling ten minutes of snow at -40* F in my shorts. (Except, I do wear gloves and a hat!)

Where do you live? Do the “locals” have what outsiders might consider strange customs and language? C’mon, share a chuckle!

All silliness aside, it really fries my butt when I try to order something and am told they only ship to the United States…. I mean, Really?

Ok, I really do completely love my world here in Chisana, Alaska and as we are in the business of having guests and clients come to Chisana, I can totally understand the confusion and a little (really little) derision, from new-comers. But! All places have traditions and customs unique to themselves.

What living in Alaska, real Alaska, has taught me is that people, all people, will find a way. (You may even call this survival.) People will find a way to make what is around them, work for them. Kinda makes me proud to be a human. Definitely proud to be an Alaskan!

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If you are thinking that you are ready to experience Alaska as it was meant to be, in the wilderness and mountains, on snow-machines or horseback, be sure to Contact Us!

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2 Responses to Friday Facts: Alaskan Tells

  1. I can relate to 4 or 5 of those from living in Michigan.
    I think anyone who primitive camps or goes out fishing for the day on the Big Lake has knowledge of the good old Honey Bucket, got to love my Mom, she introduced it to us as kids for the above reasons only her idea of it was a 2 Lb. coffee can..Hey whatever…
    I thought I wore alot of layers..good grief! How do you walk and bend in all that!!! I do believe YOU’d shovel snow (or go grab wood) like
    I’ll have to hunt up all the wierd Michigander quirks and add them on ..I’m told we have quite a few, not that I could tell though :)
    Interesting Post!!

    As Always


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