Friday Facts: Fridays can be Fun!

Fridays can be Fun!
My happy kids…

Hey! Good morning you all this Friday! Guess what? I found out that Fridays can be fun.


I’m posting over at The Happy Friday Series at Soulati Media today.

Don’t fret, I haven’t given up on Friday Facts. What I am actually tackling, is a really important Fact for you and it just isn’t ready for you this morning. No, I am not sharing any hints, so you’ll just have to check back in to get the skinny on the topic I thought would be best to share with you.

So, please, go check out what I had to say about Friday at that #Rockhot lady’s place over at Soulati Media and tell me what you think! Smiles from Alaska is my way of staying happy for the two days I have all on my own.

Fridays Can Be Fun!

#bealeaderOh! I also had the incredible honor of guest posting for Jennifer Olney, the founder of #bealeader. I wrote Walkin’ the Walk, sharing what it means to me here in Chisana, Alaska with Pioneer Outfitters and as the lead trainer for the Survival & Guide Training, to #bealeader. Please stop in there too and let me know if I nailed it or …. LOL!

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