Friday’s Facts ~ Alaska Fur Rondy

  Friday Facts: Fur Rondy!Alaska Fur Rondy

Alaska’s Fur Rondy or Fur Rendezvous is also known as the Fur Rendezvous Festival, an annual winter festival held in Anchorage, Alaska during late February.

The Fur Rondy Festival was selected as the number one winter carnival in the world by the National Geographic Traveler in 2012.

Most people know of the Fur Rondy by it’s honor starting the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, since 2004 but it is the ice sculptures, public winter sports competition and arts and craft shows.


Alaska Fur Rondy
Rondy Outhouse Race!

Alaska Fur Rondy has beenaround for a long while, starting in 1935. It was started by an Anchorage resident named Vern Johnson to bring the community together and lift spirits to it’s very isolated and then much smaller (3,000) population.

Alaska Fur Rondy
The Running of the Reindeer… and some cavemen!


It was originally called the Winter Sports Carnival and the timing was no accident with it being planned for when the trappers would come into town for their gathering to sell or trade the winter harvest. The fur trade, at that time was Alaska’s second largest industry.



Alaska Fur Rondy

Alaska Fur Rondy
Kent Schumacher, wearing a Alaska gray wolf cape.

Some of the most significant attractions to the very busy with over 100 events, Fur Rondy, are:

  • Rondy Grand Prix – The Oldest Street Race in the U.S.
  • Official Fur Rondy Fur Auction- the descendant of the original fur trade rendezvous, present since the earliest days.
  • Miners’ and Trappers’ Charity Ball and Mr. Fur-Face beard contest (since 1950) – Beards are grown as long as possible and they are dyed, decorated and shaped for this contest.
  • World Championship Dog Sled Race (since 1946, with a women’s race since 1953) – This three-day, 75-mile sled dog race brings mushers from across Alaska and the world.
  • World Championship Dog Weight Pull (since Alaska Fur Rondy1967) -Sled dogs attempt to pull the greatest weight.
  • The Running of the Reindeer (my favorite!!)
  • Miss Fur Rendezvous pageant (Started in the 1950’s, also known as Miss Fur Rondy)
  • Snow Sculpture Competition
  • Fur Rondy Carnival
  • Frostbite Footrace -Costumed competitors run through downtown Anchorage.
  • Rondy Grand Parade
  • Rondy on Ice – Figure Skating Show
  • World Ice Bowling Championships



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