Gold in These Mountains

There is gold in these mountains, waiting to be found and waiting for those with the courage to work for it.

What it must have taken for those prospectors to head into the deep and deadly wilderness. What courage it took to cross the massive glaciers of ice and unforgiving waters, all for a dream.

There are no roads, not then and not today. Chisana, the site of the last historic gold rush is deep within the Wrangell Mountains, deep within the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and the Yukon Border.

Gold Rush Chisana

Gold in These Mountains

There is more gold here in these mountains beyond the precious metal found in the ground. There is gold found in the connection to nature and the peace found in the sheer space we were all meant to feel and absorb.

“No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength.”

~ Jack Kerouac

The confidence and strength that the wilderness infuses and molds into what was, is familiar in a way our spirits craves. The joy of life, so distant to what today’s minds have no concept of, seeps into an individual experiencing Chisana with no warning or stages. It simply is.

The trees, bushes, plants and wildflowers; the icy, pure waters and the wildlife that all live in these mountains all give us life. They give us the air we breathe, water to drink and food to eat, wood for heat and the incredible beauty to sustain our souls.

Gold in These Mountains

There is so much to offer those who come to Chisana. Whether someone comes to visit, to explore, to discover or to pursue a dream; Chisana has gifts of peace, solitude, understanding, inspiration and motivation to impart on each of us.

Beyond what is offered by the spirit of Chisana, the genuine appreciation and welcome not only into our home, but into our lives is something offered freely to all who decide to experience Alaska with us.

There is gold in these mountains, and it is waiting for you.

Gold Rush Chisana

Chisana is the site of the last historic gold rush. Yes, there is gold in these mountains! I have seen it, touched it, panned for it and have taught others and led them to the same. In 1891 it was copper mining inspired some of the early prospectors to travel to the land that is now Wrangell – St. Elias National Park and Preserve, but it was the discovery of gold in Chisana (pronounced Shoo-shana) that began the last great gold rush in Alaska.

In 1913 the Chisana Gold Rush boomed.

In 1913, thousands of stampeders made the treacherous journey through rugged country by whatever means possible to reach the new found mining district. Chisana soon became known as “the largest log cabin town in the world.” This was a short boom, only lasting a few years, but an important part of the history of this area.

Nestled in a remote valley between the Nutzotin and Wrangell Mountains, the Chisana mining district provides visitors with a unique glimpse of Alaska’s gold rush era. Unlike many better known and more accessible regions, this area retains extensive evidence of its early mining use, including the deteriorating remains of two towns; numerous tent camps, various water diversion and delivery systems; a full range of hand, hydraulic, and mechanical mining operations; and a well-developed transportation network.

Gold Rush Chisana

The gold in these mountains is not the only unexpected gift one receives when staying for a little while in Chisana. We offer an Adventure that follows the prospectors trail and will give you a taste of the fever that raged inside of so many. No matter what dream brings you to Chisana, there is gold in these mountains just waiting for you.

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